Is Sony Softening Us Up for Further Home Delay?

Spong Reports: "Kaz Hirai, Sony's president of computer entertainment, has said that it "doesn't matter" when PlayStation Home is launched, so long the service is "right".

Hirai points out, "As I've said on numerous occasions, I'd much rather make sure we take the time to have a great service rather than rush something into the market – only for consumers to say: 'This is not enough for me.' I want to avoid that. If we have the right service, it doesn't matter when we launch – so long as it's in a reasonable timeframe."

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apoc6153743d ago

They should of never announced a date in the first place then.

solidjun53743d ago

They should've just be quiet about it when it was first announced (or leak [kotaku]). Take the Blizzard route. Release it is ready. Otherwise, this is Vaporware to me. Although not the truest sense, since it's been shown, it's still Vaporware to me.

I think Jack Tretton alluded to a delay when he said something to the effect that "I rather wait 2 years with all the companies and Nikes of the world, then release it with nothing to do."

there probably won't be a BETA (open). I think I understand why there are 2-D trophies. It probably was implemented just in case HOME won't be ready.

StephanieBBB3743d ago

We get the beta this fall so why do we care if "the real home" comes out after that?

We can still play it before the rumored delay.

Hagaf223743d ago

ill be honest, i dont care when it comes out, there are so many great games lined up for the next 6-8 months that this isnt that big of a deal, when we get it we get it.

incogneato3743d ago

Don't care when it comes out, although I wish it was ASAP, heh.

I agree with Kaz though, it is better to have a great first impression than to slowly make an average product into a great one. Look at what happened to Vista. Not good when it came out, but is very good right now yet everyone still hates on it because they don't know any better.

radzy3743d ago

xbox live owns online. and i do have a ps3 , its white and now boxed away until some thing worthy comes out.

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Omega43743d ago

When has Sony EVER released anything on time

dude_uk3743d ago

even though that's not quite they do release some games/services on time...
why are you even on the PS3 section??
quit trolling around...

LeSouteneur3743d ago

never released a rushed, buggy, glitched product to the market?

Sony delays things to ensure quality, rather than release now just for the hell of it and possibly patch later on.

jcgamer3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

HOME is not just something that can be whipped up in time for an E3 conference...this is something ELSE...worth the wait...patience, my friend, patience...

Omega43743d ago

your right sony delays to ensure quality so that future patches wont be needed just like firmware 2.40 which wasnt avaliable at lanuch but worked flawless when it was finally released without a need to patch.....oh wait :)

dude_uk3743d ago


you do know that the F/W 2.4 itself wasn't the problem right??
oh no you don't have a PS3 so I guess you don't.

andron3743d ago

And 360 have had some of those right? Same thing, updates not patches.

Software can be fixed with patches, hardware can't...

Hagaf223743d ago

omega are you lost, i know on n4g the ps3 tab is red, but that shouldnt be confused with the red youre used to seeing on you 360.

butterfinger3743d ago

We got the video store the night that they announced at E3. That was pretty cool:)

deeznuts3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

If RROD is what happens when you release on time or earlier, count me in for the products that come late!

Who am I kidding, I just bought a 360 anyway, I just want to play games!

koston36473743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

the entire god of war series

butterfinger3743d ago

My above comment was in response to the first comment. Notice the (").

dude_uk3742d ago


so all of you who disagreed know that FW 2.4 didn't work right???
so i was dreaming when i installed it on the day of release and never had any problems with it??

please.. keep the children away from the internet

Omega43742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

To be honest with you i dont know why your no agreeing, practically every PS3 exclusive and a few multiplaform games have been delayed.

Killzone, LBP, SOCOM, FFXIII, GT5, HOME, MGS4, the Euro release of the PS3 console, just to name a few. I have a feeling your likely come up with the excuse that "they never had a release date so how could they be delayed" but they all had tentative relaease dates which they all missed some for years

You seriously need to wake up, compared to the delays from MS/Nintendo Sony is just unacceptable

And also GOW2 was announced in 2008 and will be released in the same year, so was Mario Kart for Wii can you name me a game Sony has announced and released in the same year

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ustayclassyn4g3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

mean the open beta or the full thing? O_o

DarkBlade3743d ago

The full one will probably never come out. Sony is going to give us the open beta. Home is going to be a beta for long time. So i don't think he's talking about the full home. Also im shocked he said that people don't care when it launch. Yea we do care. I don't feel like waiting til next spring. Just leave it as TBA

themyk3742d ago

maybe i'm the only one. but here goes.

i agree 100 percent with kaz.
i admit i am looking forward to home. but home isn't why i bought the ps3. i bought it for games. and they are starting to hit their stride on that department.

home isn't going to be some little fad. it's going to be huge and it's going to be around for a long long time. let them make it. i'm sure not one of us knows what it takes to get something like that up and running.
wouldn't it suck if they released it just cause everyone is b1tching and moaning for it. and then everybody just tore it up because it wasn't really done yet.

what ever. people sure can complain a lot

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Tmac3743d ago

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thePatriot3743d ago

home has become a bonus feature. great when we get it, but I can live without it. If they want to take their time they can.