18 Insane PlayStation Trophies You Should Probably Never Attempt

PlayStation trophies are an addiction that we’re sure many of us share. Who here can honestly hasn’t found themselves sitting up at 3 A.M in their underwear, eyes glued to the screen as they attempt to pull off a quadruple barrel roll for the umpteenth time?

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DarkOcelet1183d ago

I am surprised The Evil Within completing Akumu mode Trophy is not there. Its one of the most challenging and hardest mode i have ever completed. It should be on the list.

CaptainObvious8781183d ago

I'm Suprised Elder Scrolls online isn't there for the absolutely pathetic trophy 'Empoeror!'.

For that trophy, one must be no.1 in the world in his/her alliance by the end of the 1 week campaign AND all 6 towers need to be captured and continue to be held until the campaign is over.

So not only do you need to be at least the 3rd best in the world (there's 3 factions) you need to reply on thousands of other people to capture all towers.

In the history of trophies this is by far the most retarded and the developers need to be slapped.

Palitera1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

There's also LBP's crown trophies. They not only require you to make an outstanding contribution to the game, but also that Media Molecule acknowledge it and reward you with a crown, afaik.

Talking about afaik, I'm on comments section, I can write stupid stuff. TC was writing an article, he should be more careful.

1. Bloodborne's "all weapons" trophy barely qualify as one of the hardest. You can rely on coop and grind levels until boss fights are a coward set piece.

2. Rogue Legacy in 15 lifes. Not hard at all. Really average difficulty at max. The trophy for beating the remix bosses on preset chars is much much more difficult... And also the only one I have ever gave up, iirc.

3. The Binding of Isaac: "beat the game twice" etc. Nope. Beat the game more than ten times AND under certain circumstances and then all options will be available.
This is by far the most fun platinum I have ever hunted. Such an excellently designed game.

4. MGS GZ: not really hard. Keep in mind that with a trophy guide, your steps are very optimized towards completion and that missions are short.

Nitpicking aside, good article. Very good to see a list about this on actual good games, not just "impossible trophies on these games you don't even know".

DarXyde1183d ago

Grounded Mode Plus and Hunter's Essence are probably the only one on this list that I have.

That aside, just about every Cross Edge trophy needs to be up here, but I'm sure they're focused on PS4 trophies for this list.

joab7771183d ago

I was just gonna write this. I got both of these fairly easily. Try getting Lost Planet 2's Platinum. Swriously, look it up. It made me stop chasing absurd trophies, though 3 of my friends actually got it.

Kill zone 2 is very hard too, beating on elite difficulty. Though I heard they patched it. TW3 is actually not too hard, but can be time consuming. I missed the gwent card in white orchard, or I'd be on track.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1183d ago

To me Killzone shadow fall single player trophies weren't a problem it was the multiplayer trophies that made it feel almost impossible to get done cause it was so tedious and some multiplayer trophies were dependent on other players to make it happen which i hate when they make trophies that depend on other players but i still platinum Killzone shadow fall.

Qrphe1183d ago

Shadowfall wasn't nearly as bad as KZ2's.

Tru_Blu1183d ago

Beating it on Elite was a pain but that one for being in the top what 1% for the week. LOL you'd have to be insanely good or take a week off of work and play 12 hours a day.

bouzebbal1183d ago

I dont really know how SF trophies are built up but KZ2 had great and rewarding trophies.

That trophy was one of the most satisfying i have ever got. I played KZ2 so much for a week and i enjoy the hell out of it. 1% isn't as bad as it sounds. KZ2 had a great multiplayer and it contributed a lot to the enjoyment.
Shadow Fall on the other hand has a lacking multiplayer in comparison. I'm back to it now but i dont play more than 2 matches at the time. 1% trophy on Shadow Fall is a trophy i will probably never get.

NukaCola1183d ago

I got that Top 1% trophy. My buddy and I played nonstop for 6 days straight. Definitely a nightmare of commitment.

mike32UK1183d ago

Ditto! It took me a good 8 months to get the platinum for shadow fall. I only persevered because I'd set my sights on getting it and was too stubborn to back anyone has the time to do that with every game is beyond me

Captain_Wormy1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

As I'm typing this I'm on Act 5 of MGS4 doing a Big Boss Emblem run and let me tell you something....I've never been so close to breaking something out of anger and frustration in my entire life. I think I need to buy a punching bag.

Don't even get me started on the VR missions of MGS2 and MGR..

contradictory1183d ago

and this is why i don't care about

although it can be kinda nice beating a game on the hardest difficulty and showing the trophy to your friends and rubbing it in

ELE_Victim1183d ago

I agree. I don't care about trophies or achievements. But I guess other people strive for extra stress in their lives...

GameSpawn1183d ago

MGS2 VR missions and getting all the dog tags is MUCH harder than the Big Boss run of MGS4.

The only thing that makes the dog tags hard in MGS2...beating FatMan on Hard and Very Hard - seriously I hated pulling that off on the PS2 and didn't even begin to attempt it again with the remaster. I also gave up getting S-Rank on all the missions in Peace Walker (specifically the Monster Hunter themed ones).

MGS4 is at least doable with planning and saves at the beginning of each chapter. If you can get certain times for each chapter you can make your Big Boss play-through easier or harder. You need to really speed-run the first three chapters to allow to fudge room for chapter 4 and 5. The bike chase and Screaming Mantis boss fight are probably the toughest things about the Big Boss play-through. Crying Wolf is just time consuming, but that is why you need to speed run the first part of the game.

Knushwood Butt1183d ago

Off topic, but cool avatar.

Skizelli1183d ago

The Bloodborne trophy is an odd choice considering it can be obtained in one play-through. Compare that to the numerous trophies from Demon's and Dark Souls that required multiple play-throughs. Bloodborne has some of the easiest trophies in the franchise.

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