Fire Emblem Fates Will Include Same-Sex Marriage

According to a new statement by Nintendo, Fire Emblem Fates, the newest title in the Fire Emblem franchise, will contain same-sex marriage as one of its features.

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SaveFerris906d ago

Nice of them to include the option, but it makes it difficult to have offspring, huh?

One-Shot906d ago

Can't we bypass the middlemen and go straight to just adopting?

alpha_joe906d ago

How would you pass on the parent's skills?

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yuukiliu906d ago

Comes out at midnight tonight! Can't wait!

Last_Boss906d ago

Update on how cool it is. Underappreciated franchise.

Rebel_Scum906d ago

Nintendo hey, moving with the times.

lreyna906d ago

The executions is disappointingly complex (one gay option in one version; one lesbian option in another), but it's still a big step for Nintendo.

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