Will We Even Care About Killzone After Horizon: Zero Dawn?

Guerrilla Games could have a huge new IP on their hands and if it turns into a successful franchise, might Killzone get swept under the rug?

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Majin-vegeta1118d ago

Uhhh GG has two studios not to mention they recently took GC under their wing so no.Killzone will still be made Wether people like it or not.I'm just glad they can now branch off and do something new.

I do wish they would do another "Nam"game.

Abash1118d ago

I'll still care about Killzone, love the universe because of the Helghast and the multiplayer is one of the few that gets me hooked

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

KZ is the reason why i'm into first person shooters!
i didn't like them at first, but after playing KZ2 and KZ3 multiplayer(since i never got the chance to play the SP mode), i've been hooked on them.
However i'm on the casual side of first person shooters, in other words, i'm very picky.

OT: Even if horizon:ZD was out, i will still want another killzone l, so in my opinion, yes i will still care about it.

"I honestly think they should do a retelling of killzone and put it in third person"
And that is when i will stop caring for it.

Outside_ofthe_Box1118d ago

Ugh, I hate how Horizon is making it open season to hate on Killzone. I know that KZ3 and Shadow Fall were not exactly up to snuff, but come on.

Shadow Fall imo was an improvement MP-wise compared to KZ3, but still leaves a lot to be desired when compared to KZ2.

I just want the KZ to go back to KZ2's style multiplayer-wise or that Guerrilla Cambridge should do the MP for the next KZ since Mercenary was actually a good multiplayer experience. I wasn't expecting that for a Vita game.

mikeslemonade1118d ago

I don't care about FPS games unless it's DOOM, Rainbow Six, or COD. There other crap is just too boring.

Dirtnapstor1118d ago

Me too! When KZ was announced for the PS2, I knew I had to learn to play FPS on the console. Before that, I avoided them, liked FPS on the PC instead. Know it's quite the opposite...I have a hard time playing FPS on a PC. LOL!

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-Foxtrot1118d ago

I think people will have so much freedom and exploration in this game that if they go back to Killzone it might not feel the same.

I honestly think they should do a retelling of Killzone and put it in third person.

Ezz20131118d ago

** I honestly think they should do a retelling of Killzone and put it in third person. **

Hmmm...not a bad idea

Outside_ofthe_Box1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

A retelling of the story? I wouldn't mind that at all.

But third-person? I'm not so sure about that. It wouldn't be Killzone imo. It would feel like a different game. I'd be willing to put up with 3rd person for SP only. The MP has to be 1st person for me though. KZ multiplayer is the only MP that actually care about. So if you mess with that it's a no buy for me as you've changed the one thing I care about the most for the franchise way too drastically.

joeorc1117d ago

Remember killzone was not just only a FPS, killzone for the PSP was a top down.shooter and it was.pretty awesome in my opinion. In think a 3rd person view killzone with a retold story from other such battlefield soldiers in killzone would be awesome.

trenso11118d ago

That would be cool seeing as the character you play isn't some faceless no name, but i would also like if they brought back kz2 feel of the game in fps if they could do it 3rd person im up for it too

OB1Biker1118d ago

I wish FPS would go and become either VR or 3rd pers.

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Ezz20131118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

I like GG games i will always support them

Germany71118d ago

Why not? Killzone games are great too, it's even better to see Guerrilla working on a new ip like Horizon.

SaveFerris1118d ago

How about a Killzone game from the Helgast point of view?

MasterCornholio1118d ago

Well yeah that would be great.


I always wanted to series from the perspective of the space communists.

iceman061117d ago

I think that is the dream of most Killzone players!!! I'm in!!!

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