Nintendo Explains Why the Release Date for Super Mario Maker is September 11th (9/11)

"When Nintendo announced the release date of Super Mario Maker to be 9/11, many in the gaming community were rather confused as to why the company would choose such a sensitive date for the release of one of its big Fall 2015 titles. After talking with Nintendo representative Julie Gagnon, I learned why the date was chosen" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Relientk771269d ago

It definitely surprised me when they announced that it was the release date of the game

nX1269d ago

Lol a bit oversensitive don't you think? If we would exclude historical dates from our video game (!) releases there wouldn't be too many dates in the year left.

SaveMeJebus1269d ago

Really Nintendo? I know its been 14 years since but why not a week before or a week after? Or hey, why not try something different and release it on the 13th? Something tells me this date will change.

Summons751269d ago

Why because a very few people feel the world needs to stop? That's complete crap. Do kids get a day off of school? Nope, Do stores shut down? Nope, Does the government take the day off? Nope, Does the world stop spinning? Nope. So why does one company need to change their entire schedule for you. I was affected by that date just like anyone else but I have a mind to know well enough that things keep moving. Nothing stopped because of Pearl Harbor, even today you go to school, work, drive, wake up to the sun shining and setting. Yes, it was an awful tragedy but you are right, it was 14 years ago and the world keeps spinning. Even when I was in school, they did a "moment of silence" for the first two years then it was just a thing, an awful thing. If you want them to stop everything for us then shouldn't it be fair to stop everything the day Japan had that awful earthquake and a near nuclear meltdown...

Games have released on 9/11 in previous years but no one has batted an eye, but because it's NIntendo...they clearly are anti USA and the torches need to come out.

SaveMeJebus1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Ok, I get it that 911 is its worldwide release date, not just NA. So let's all wake up and run out to the store to buy a new Mario! We can just play video games all day and pretend it never ever happened! After all 911 is "just a thing" now right?

Timbalada1269d ago

Even though I agree with the sentiment that they shouldn't have to adjust the date, I think it's not a PR battle worth fighting. Even though it seems Nintendo has been a little hard of hearing when it comes to public perception...

shaw981269d ago

@SaveMeJebus It is sad, but we must move on in our lives. It is good to remember tragedies to respect those that passed and to make sure it does not happen again, but to hide in fear and not continue our lives is only giving what those terrorists of 9/11 wanted. We must show that we are strong as a nation or we will only give the enemy the opportunity to hurt us more, and make us stop what we Americans pride over. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

May God bless America.

rainslacker1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

9/11 isn't really a day that Americans spend a lot of time doing stuff in remembrance of that day, like say 4th of July. There are moments of silence, the random candlelight vigils, and some official statements from politicians, an official honor guard ceremony somewhere, and things like that, but everyone's lives go on

Technically, 9/11 is Patriot Day, and is a day of remembrance for the victims of 9/11, but it is not a national holiday. Flags are flown at half mast, and a moment of silence is observed. The world keeps on going otherwise, and people still go on with their lives.

Trying to make some company out as anti-american, or calling them inconsiderate because they choose to release on that day is too much of a stretch.

Basically, most people don't spend the day mourning the past, and they do indeed go out and buy things or behave as they typically would on that day.

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XiMasterChief1269d ago

Do people stop for Pearl Harbour? Just like the guy said on top.

Tiqila1269d ago

What a silly debate. Sounds like in america 9/11 is a date everyone should fear and respect. If that's the case, let me put it in the words of Counter Strike: Terrorists Win!

freshslicepizza1269d ago

why should it change? we have to move on here and releasing this game on that day is in no way being disrespectful.

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dillhole1269d ago

Find me a date where no tragedy occurred.

Bathyj1269d ago

I was going to make a Jim Jeffries reference about April 18 but I just found out about some civil war.

Concertoine1269d ago

June 16th. Oh wait, forgot about Nintendo's conference...

Number-Nine1269d ago

December 20th.

o wait. I was born.

OdieEsty1269d ago

Who would be offended by that

Zcarnut1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

That was my first thought. My sisters birthday is on 9/11. We still celebrate it then as we did before 2001.

jmc88881269d ago

Is this article serious?

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