Dyack: Press Too Hasty in Judging Too Human

"Denis Dyack gives us his insight on what some of the press has said about Silicon Knights' Too Human. It's widely known that the game got some negative press during the back end of June, so with that, we thought it would be good to see what Denis thought about it all."

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predator3770d ago

Press and gamers alike are, play the demo a couple of times and you will love it

cain1413770d ago

I'm still iffy on this title, but the second time did play better than the first.

predator3770d ago

yeah i admit that it does take a couple of play throughs to get use to it but after that its great

Nevers3770d ago

of the demo was when it clicked for me... I really liked the "stick-combat" they've implemented. Only problem I really had was the with some of the voice acting. But I'm definitely a nit-picker with that type of thing and it definitely wasn't as bad as some games.

CaptainHowdy3770d ago

still very much so cautiously excited

kewlkat0073770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

...still getting it...

..It's my type of game...'s that simple....

Lifendz3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

why something has to be wrong with someone if they don't enjoy the game.

Look, Denis, I'm sure you gave a lot of time and energy to Too Human. I'm sure it's your "baby." And I'm also sure you love the game. But stop telling others that something is wrong with them if they don't. Stop with the forum posts because it comes off as desperation.

No one came to your game saying "I'm not going to like this no matter what." People are giving their honest and unbiased opinion.

Edit: Well, more times than not, if someone doesn't like the game they're going to say it's bad. Maybe it is a "bad" game to those people. Whatever the case, he needs to stop with all this anti-media rants. I heard him on the 1up podcast going on about how bad the Unreal Engine is. Hey Denis, you're in the super minority on that one.

Don't get me wrong, I wish him success. But when even RTS type guys come back and say the game isn't that good then maybe he should stop pointing his fingers at everyone else and take an unbiased look at his game (if that's even possible).

ChampIDC3770d ago

Sadly, people just disliking the game isn't the case. The majority of people seem to be simply saying the game is bad. There's a major difference between giving an honest review and just bashing the game.

StephanieBBB3770d ago

Denis Dyack just seems desperate when he says stuff like this.

Take it like a man Dyack, no pain, no gain.

facepalm3770d ago

I played it a few times and unfortunately I can't grasp the controls. I'm just not having fun with this demo...

Is the game bad?? No it isn't... But to me it was a bit of a disappointment, especially with the time and the hype that went into this game.

That's the wonders of the "Hype Machine" for you...

Lifendz3770d ago

insofar as the way in which he's telling us that it's something we're doing that's causing gamers and the media to not like the game. Remember the devs for Lair tried to say something to the effect of you're controlling a dragon and that's why it doesn't respond right away.

And gamers have been judging things like this since the dawn of gaming. Some people don't like Halo. Some hate Final Fantasy. And a lot of people have already written off Home without ever having tried it.

This is what happens. I'm not going to get the new COD game no matter how good it is because I'm tired of WWII games.

Tis the nature of the beast, Denis. And when Too Human flops please don't try to blame anyone but yourself.

BTW, I felt bad for the guy on a recent 1up show when he was trying to get the other guys to play and no one wanted to. Ouch.

Megatron083770d ago

@cain141 if your not sure about the game you might want to try to unlock the other classes in the game (assuming you havent dont that) I read that some people didnt like the game till they fond the code to unlock the other classes and fond that they enjoy one of those more.

Dark Collosis3770d ago

I am now on my 4th play through on the Demo.. I love this type of game and my copy has been on hold sence the release was anounced. Playing the demo has changed nothing but make me more hungry to play more.. I have NEVER played through a Demo more than twice till this game. Sonyfans breed the hate on this game which is just sad that dont give it a fair chance.. Oh and yes the bezerker on the demo is by far the best class i have played IMO.. BTW i recently had my xbox360 stop working on me do to hardware failure. I called the xbox support and the whole process of getting a box to ship it out in and recieving a replacement xbox took LESS than TWO WEEKS.. I am still very impressed. Sorry if i sound like a complete 360 fan but thats only because i have 20 games already and like it more than i ever liked my PS2/PS1... game on gamers

Daxx3770d ago

Like everyone else is saying, the more you play it the more you will like it. Too Human is different but once you get used to it you'll love it.

ThanatosDMC3769d ago

Sucks for him. I wonder how much money they invested in the game just to see it get flushed down the drain.

I downloaded the demo since i read that the combat is like DMC. I was sadly disappointed. Just a waste of space in my 120gb... err well, technically 100gb...

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Jandre023770d ago

If he released that (RUMORED!) crappy demo just so the real release would blow people away and get people back for criticizing the game.

Its free so its not like Too Human is robbing people by releasing a knowingly bad demo. I just think that would be really funny if he did that and a lot of people, including me, would feel really stupid afterwards.

Erasmus3770d ago

I still havn't had any extended time with the game. Too early to call it.

pp3770d ago

I think the game looks great and i will definitely buy the game when released

TheColbertinator3770d ago

Yeah.You'll see.You will all see!

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