The Best Conferences and Games at E3 2015

This week, Ed, Ishmael, Sharon, Yami and special guest Zee break down their E3 together. They discuss the conferences, the hottest games, and even get into physical altercations. Fun times.

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Jaqen_Hghar1273d ago

A man isn't even a fan of 2 of those megatons they dropped (only probably gonna get TLG possibly FF7R) but it was 3 of the biggest announcements in gaming history and he stood up and cheered in his seat like everyone else in the theater as we all felt the GRAVITY of those announcements as the weight was finally lifted off the gaming community's shoulders with each one. They birthed 3 gaming miracles like Mary in the manger poppin' out triplets! Just objectively speaking that was enough but then they threw in great IPs, remasters, Uncharted, Ratchet, Until Dawn, and a gazillion more!

Ubisoft was great too as For Honor and Ghost Recon are already on a man's wish list on Amazon. Now a man really wants For Honor's engine to be used for a LoTR trilogy game! Imagine running through Helm's Deep slashing Uruks with that awesome combat system!

_-EDMIX-_1273d ago

Agreed. The reality is, many may not be fans of many things, but at least they fully understand the gravity of those announcements, regardless of if your a fan of them or not. I have friends who don't play RPGs, that have stated easily that press event was the best in years.

Sony's 2015 E3 is very much the one to beat for a long, long time.

Ubisoft also had some great games shown, wish we got more footage on their new IP For Honor and Ghost Recon. This is an E3 for the history books!

starcatcher1273d ago

pay is starting to get a lot more great games!

MasterCornholio1273d ago

Well I enjoyed Sonys conference the most.