GTA IV Revealed for PC! - PC Gamer Malaysia

A photo of the cover of the next PC Gamer Malaysia reveals that GTA IV is now coming to the PC!

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Snoozer2823793d ago

Yea, it's hardly surprising.

Jack Meahoffer3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

This article says nothing new. All they're doing is speculating.

I want a release date. Now that would be real news.

I think we'd have to assume it'll be out before holiday to maximize sales. There's no question Rockstar has been working on the PC version from the begining.

gamerosity3793d ago

EA is going to release a Madden game in 2010?!?!?!?! See, now you're just pulling my leg ;)

*That was a good one...

niall773793d ago

who needs exclusive DLC when you have MODS!!!!

FantasyStar3793d ago


uie4rhig3793d ago

couldn't agree more :) too bad i wont be trading in my console version coz my PC will not be able to run lol i am sure of that :P

wibble3793d ago

Oh I hope it's true.

and it was only yesterday that I was looking for info on a PC version.

Charmers3793d ago

I wouldn't get your hopes up about this, firstly the magazine is the Malaysian PC gamer mag (yeah they are top notch investigative journalists) and second as far as I am aware the story does not actually state "it is coming" they are just speculating that it will. I could be wrong we will have to see if someone scans the pages.

wibble3793d ago

you're gonna be the type of dad that walks around the delivery room telling new born babies that santa doesn't exist.

you meanie!

Charmers3793d ago

Yep and the tooth fairy is really a ladyboy lol. I still believe GTA 4 will come to the PC and I look forward to it. It's just I need a little bit more convincing than a scan of Malaysian PC gamer mag.

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The story is too old to be commented.