Batman: Arkham Knight - PC Version Lacks Graphical Features (AO, Bokeh DOF & Rain Textures

Thomas of DSOGaming writes: "Things are definitely not looking good for the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. A couple of hours ago, John informed you about the disappointing performance of Batman: Arkham Knight’s PC build. And if that wasn’t enough, some modern-day graphical effects are missing from that particular version."

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Ezz20131119d ago

12 FREAKING people made Pc port

What did you expect ?!

Allsystemgamer1119d ago

Them not to get a tiny team to port it. I mean seriously why does the pc version just look worse and perform worse? It's a joke. The textures don't even load on my copy. I'm glad I didn't pay full price or Id be even more mad than I am now.

Mikefizzled1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

I've been saying all year Warner Bros are trying for worst publisher of the year. Bad PC port of MK X. Lots of expensive dlc and microtransactions before it even launched. Similar thing goes for Arkham Knight with the dodgy 'buy the season pass but we're not telling you whats in it' approach.

ginsunuva1118d ago

12 people isn't the issue. The issue was the 8 weeks given

Somebody1118d ago

The 12 people working a huge open-world game is the issue while the mere weeks given is a force multiplier that made the end result even worse than it should be.

Elda1119d ago

What!?...say it isn't so!!..I been playing the PS4 version & I must say it looks great.

Allsystemgamer1119d ago

I should of got it on my ps4 but the nvidia trailer (which was a lie) convinced me to go pc. Good job rocksteady. You dun f***ed it up.

gninja921119d ago

Thats my gameplay, tell me if its worse than yours.

Sir_Simba1119d ago

So glad I didn't buy a this.

Inzo1119d ago

This is how PC gamers have gone from having fun to complaining ALL THE TIME!

Shuckylad1119d ago

It's a disgrace of a port, yet they still want pc gamers to pay full price for a version of there game they clearly didn't give a shit about.

ginsunuva1118d ago obviously knew about this and that's why they were selling the game + season pass for $35 total.

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