Massive update for The Witcher 3 now in development, will bring 'large number of amendments'

Fans of the CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can now look forward to getting a large feature update for the dark fantasy title in the near future. While detailing the upcoming console release of Patch 1.05 for The Witcher 3 on the developer’s official forums, community manager Marcin Momot confirmed that the team has already started working on the game’s next update. According to Momot, this new patch is expected to be very large and will bring many changes to The Witcher 3.

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eklektic1033d ago ShowReplies(2)
Scottyxboxoneandps41033d ago

Please fix the ps4 framerate. It's very off putting when in combat it starts struggle. If the ps4 cannot handle it, then they should have gone 900p with a locked 30fps. That would have been much better imo.

jznrpg1032d ago

I havent seen the lag issues that others have stated on ps4 , some here and there but not every fight .

littlezizu1032d ago

Nice trolling attempt bro.

Scottyxboxoneandps41031d ago

Not trolling at all. What's the matter? Did my words of disappointment upset you? I play most games on ps4,but I realise it's not this super computer you fan girls think it is. I would genuinely prefer the game to have locked framerate at 900p which I think it would handle. If it makes u feel better the x1 is 900p but does drop frames,whereas I think the ps4 would be locked. So keep your fanboy dribble to yourself yeah?

dmonee1032d ago

I'm having Skyrim PS3 flashbacks. At least witcher isn't broken. Hopefully with update 1.06 they increase the font size again. Still can't read shit in the menus

nucky641032d ago

maybe you need glasses?

dmonee1032d ago

You maybe right. I'm just old as [email protected]$k! Glasses don't help me anymore. Sitting a foot from my TV does though.

dmonee1032d ago

Why so many dislikes? I stated facts? The Witcher 3 is one of those games that will receive a plethora of updates during its lifespan. Probably more-so than other titles. Also, the font is still small even after the improvement. FACTS!!!!

WizzroSupreme1032d ago

It better be deep in development. I still want my working X1 version.

Live_Larry1032d ago

I really really really like this game.