Microsoft’s Game Preview Program Is Poorly Implemented And Requires Consumer Education


Game Preview changes that core understanding turning the cracks into full blown fractures, and the fine print currently in place doesn’t alleviate the concerns. There are fundamental differences between PC and console audiences. Consoles have a lower financial barrier to entry. The usership is generally younger and drifts farther from the “core” than PC players. While those younger gamers might be technologically savvy, they are often reliant on parents for purchases.

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n4rc1240d ago

I find it amusing how many negative articles are popping up lately.. Gotta try and steal away their momentum I guess

SonofGod1240d ago

If it's MS, it must be a bad thing!

OT: As a PC gamer, I have always wanted game previews and mods on consoles. But I never actually thought I'd see the day. MS made a wise decision with this.

4Sh0w1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

"While there is a brief explanation that the Game Preview titles are incomplete and may never be completed, this doesn’t go far enough. Clicking on the “Purchase” option should reiterate that language and require users to check a box acknowledging that the title in question is unfinished."

-OK I guess they could put 5 warnings before a purchase so its absolutely clear but I come from a small town called Common Sense, where if you buy something under the label "Game Preview" and before you pay a warning pops up saying this is a "incomplete game", that "there is no obligation or garuantee the game will ever be completed" then I assume the the worst and this warning means exactly what it says.

-ahhh well for the sake of argument just add more warnings but I suppose some folks will buy then complain even if they do.

_-EDMIX-_1240d ago

errr...not really. Don't think its some secret conspiracy lol.

They bring up some valid points regarding the instructions needing to be a bit clearer, but that is a small gripe as I feel it will get patched up and updated anyway. We don't really just get features that stay that way the whole gen, it will likely come with different instructions in the future.

Like someone also stated, they can just put on parental controls.

n4rc1240d ago

Not really a secret now is it? Lol

Its happened before.. Ms starts building up some good press, then these ridiculous nitpick articles start flowing..

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urwifeminder1240d ago

Their evil knows no bounds think of the children MS they should have crowd funded the whole thing then they would be heroes.

vikingland11240d ago

The issues this writer brings up wouldn't exist if parents don't allow game purchases with out parental consent. Plus these consoles have parental locks.

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The story is too old to be commented.