Was Project CARS 2 announced too soon?

VVV: "Six weeks. That’s how long it’s been since the triumphant release of Project CARS, yet as I sat applying the finishing touches to the final Project CARS TeamVVV review currently in progress, the announcement of Project CARS 2 raced to the top of my inbox. Slightly Mad Studios may have just jump started their own race here."

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Relientk771246d ago

Yes, the first one just came out

oasdada1246d ago

exactly! and i hear theyre crowdfunding again?? but havnt they made adequate amount of money out of project CARS already?

dumahim1245d ago

No. I don't see how anyone would think so either.

Yes, the first game just came out. They need a new project to work on, so guess what? That's Project Cars 2. They already said they were going to use the same funding source they did for the first one, so how do they get people to start sending money? Invite them in to the project and get working. They've said the sequel is probably another 2 years out. Knowing them and the realities of things, it may be 3 years before it actually comes out.

If they had a traditional publisher arrangement with them funding it, I can see it as being too early, but that's not how it's going work.

ATi_Elite1245d ago

Well the pc version has been out for like forever. So one team makes Dlc while another team makes pc2 which will not hit consoles for like 18 months down the road.

Besides new COD gets announced 2 weeks after the old releases.

ikkokucrisis1245d ago

Yes too soon
Also give us support for the G27 steering wheel on consoles

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jay21246d ago

Not really a dev team arent going to sit around on one game, they'll start their next.

uth111246d ago

They can work on a project and not announce it yet. Unless they expect it to come out by next summer or something. Considering how long this one took, I doubt that

dumahim1245d ago

How do they keep the game secret and get funding and development assistance at the same time?

uth111245d ago

If they had a successful release with the first one, they shouldn't have problem getting private funding for the second, and not need kickstarter

ZeekQuattro1246d ago

Seeing as the game came out a month or two ago I would say yes. What happened to the money they supposedly made on the 1st one? Did they blow it all on whores and drugs? They haven't even fixed all the problems in the 1st one and they are already talking about a sequel. Not a good sign for people who bought the original.

WizzroSupreme1246d ago

Sure was when they haven't even fixed their first game yet on any platform.

Captain_Wormy1246d ago

I wasn't even aware the first one came out

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