Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Update

Some new images of FFXIII play arts figurines have surfaced. The previously displayed unpainted "Lightning" is here once again, however, there is now a "Shiva Motorcycle" figurine there as well. These were displayed at Comic-Con 2008.

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hunter213768d ago

the shiva motorcyle looks awesome. wonder how much it will cost if they sell that stuff.

Dream Machine3768d ago

That stuff always costs a lot, I'd guess in the region of £100/$200. Defiantly one for the collectors!

The Shiva Motorbike looks mad, it's good that their designs are still so insane after all these years. FFXIII clear away the browns and grays of this gen with some colour!

[email protected]3768d ago

Wasn't Lighting model to suffer some kind of change? I mean it was mentioned before on a interview that her design its going to chance and i don't see anyway about that? Maybe was canned I think.

NathanGra3768d ago

The things that caught my eye were Zack and Cloud, to be honest. And I still don't know how I feel about Shiva being a g*ddamn bike.