Even FromSoftware's Developers Find Dark Souls III Punishing | GameRevolution

GameRevolution: "Out of everyone at E3 2015 this year, I wouldn't want to be the poor developer playing the demo for Dark Souls III. Any Dark Souls title, let alone E3 itself, is stressful enough without having an audience (myself included), who has waited an hour in line and is sitting in rows of stiff wooden benches, watch your every move in silent judgment. On top of that, the developer had to follow the instructions of the producer (Hidetaka Miyazaki) presenting the game with precision, he only had thirty minutes to finish the demo, and he did not have the benefit of having infinite health or stamina. I think you can tell where this is going."

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SourtreeDing945d ago

thats their job to tell us that.. but im sure the game is like every other souls game(difficulty wise)

Revolver_X_945d ago

I believe they said the same in regards to DS2

insertcoin945d ago

I'm glad it's punishing. That how Dark Souls should be.

Wedge19945d ago

Sounds like another fun, yet controller damaging game!

Transporter47945d ago

I want more Bloodborne or Demon Souls. I'm happy they're finally ending the Dark Souls series. Hopefully, they can work on those two after.

bouzebbal945d ago

I platinumed bloodborne and I just started Demons. I never played any dark souls game. Can I ask you to clarify your post a little ? What do bloodborne and demon's have that dark souls games don't have ?

Transporter47945d ago

I like Dark Souls btw. I just love the Bloodborne and Demon Souls Universe more. I also like how Demon Souls is more difficult than Dark Souls. Here is a video of the Mechanics comparison. I love all of them. I just want more Demon Souls and Bloodborne.

Agrim943d ago

Dark Souls 3 is not the last of the series

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The story is too old to be commented.
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