PlanetSide 2 PS4 Servers Experiencing Launch Day Issues; Region Locked Servers May be Unlocked

PlanetSide 2's launch day hasn't gone as smooth as expected.


North American players should be able to start playing right about now as the NA severs have gone live. EU servers are still a no-go...

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WorldGamer1003d ago

Can't wait to try this out. That being said, this is very ambitious, so I expect a few issues for a while. It's one thing to function during a beta, quite another to fully launch to the public at large.

chrish19901003d ago

Yeah, especially given there are only 2 servers for eu and na, they gonna strain.

WorldGamer1003d ago

Didn't even know that man. Sounds like they may have a long road ahead. I'm still in to try it I guess.

chrish19901003d ago

It's well worth a look if you're into online shooters, but I don't think it'll be the cod/bf killer

SoapShoes1003d ago

^ It doesn't need to kill those games, it just needs to be better.

GameDev11003d ago

Definitely cant get a server here in EU.anybody else??

Cy1003d ago

An MMO having launch day server issues? What sorcery is this?

1003d ago
WeAreLegion1003d ago

I'll get right on that. You know...after I'm done with Batman and Devil May Cry.

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The story is too old to be commented.