Rainbow Six: Siege US Collectors Edition Announced

Ubisoft have just unveiled the collectors edition that will be available for people in America.

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SaveFerris977d ago

Unless it is part of the season pass, I'm surprised there is no mention of skins or other dlc?

ATi_Elite977d ago

Season pass?

I was hoping for flashbangs and door breachers in that bag.

crazychris4124977d ago

Getting the backpack cuz I already school people in multiplayer.

ironfist92977d ago

Surprised you wouldn't get shot or arrested for wearing a bag and cap with a gun on it around school.

-Foxtrot977d ago

Why is it when they do backpacks and that they never design them like they come from the game.

Instead of a replica I'm looking at a backpack with the Rainbow Six Siege logo stuck on it.

frankiebeans977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

this will probably drop in price quickly its a shity collectors edition. I have gotten lots of collectors editions for less than half the price by waiting a little bit.

LAWSON72977d ago

It is UBIsoft, nuff said...

Agent_00_Revan977d ago

Yay! A backpack, a clip AND a hat! Now you can walk around looking like a douce with all that '6' branded gear. Only thing missing is a shirt that says 'S.W.A.T.'

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