PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player 1TB Edition cost just 399 EUR in Europe

The new PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player 1TB Edition will cost just 399 EUR in Europe.

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SaveFerris999d ago

Not a bad price. With retailer promotions it could get even cheaper.

chrish1990999d ago

Very good price actually. The original retails at 399 in mainland europe. I can definitley see this getring bundled with a game or two, maybe even dowload vouchers? to make use.of the 1tb drive.

NewMonday999d ago

there is talk the 500GB modle will get a $50 price cut

Magicite999d ago

cheapest 500gb costs ~335eur in Latvia right now.

WizzroSupreme999d ago

Cool. Nice that Europe gets this boost. Sony owes all of its markets its success this gen.

oasdada999d ago

Wish i had a 1tb ps4.. mines got full after a few months since i got it

kingjosh1876999d ago

...You do know you can replace the hard drive yourself and that it's pretty simple?

999d ago
oasdada998d ago

but im not sure how to transfer all the data

Davi123999d ago

I hope that Sony cause a heart attack to M$ by putting the 500GB version to 299€! xD

SoapShoes999d ago

I'm pretty sure they aren't going to have a $100 difference for just a bigger HDD. I can see them going to 350€ which will really hurt MS as official price in EU is 399. Only the US/UK have had a price drop and if Sony drops the price worldwide MS will have to respond and that will prevent them from massive firesales in the US again.

Davi123999d ago

Sony could decide that the 500GB will stop to come with games while the 1TB will have games. I think for this christmas Sony should do Bundles with Persona 5+ Dragon Quest: Heroes; Soma+ Until Dawn; COD (because of the exclusive content)+ No Man's Sky; etc. It will cause a lots of problems to M$ even with Halo 5 and Forza.

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