Hands-On Preview: The Tomorrow Children I DualShockers

As one of the more unusual titles on the show floor during this year's E3 2015, DualShockers had the chance to enter the Void and serve the community for the better in the upcoming PS4 exclusive, The Tomorrow Children.

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MrDead1272d ago

Not long now, I can't wait to play this game and find out what it's all about. It's had me intrigued since I first saw it last year.

Good times for the oddball game lovers, we have some very interesting titles coming out.

-Foxtrot1272d ago

I hope by DLC packs or even in a sequel they'll add more "themes" to the game

This one has a Soviet theme to it so it would be nice to see other ones like

Modern Day
World War
American Revolution
Civil War
British/American etc themed

and so on

Would be pretty cool to see.

Imagine if you could rival another town aswell