Evolution Studios Comments On DriveClub PS Plus Version Accidental Release

Evolution Studios has commented on the accidental release of DriveClub PS Plus version and confirmed that it was not supposed to go live today, hence they have removed the game from the store.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081149d ago

I wouldn't wanna be in that persons shoes right about now.
Have to be careful with these types of things, especially when there's no release was announced!

Crimzon1148d ago

I'd have thought that after all the trouble they would have done the decent thing and just given the full game to people as an apology, given that DriveClub was used as a selling point for PS+ so long ago. But nope, it looks like they're basically sticking with the heavily stripped-down "Trial version" or as anybody else would have called it, a demo.

Such a bizarre turn of events considering demos used to be regular occurrences for games and handed out for free, but now apparently we're ever so fortunate and lucky to get access to a demo that we've all technically paid for.

What a joke.

Redempteur1148d ago

Keep speaking/spreading the lies that the PS+ edition was the full game. You might wish , but it wasn't true 2 years ago , and it still won't be true in june 2015

Crimzon1148d ago

I didn't say that, you're lying.

If you read my comment, you'd see that right at the beginning I stated that they should have just given the full game to people as an apology. I then said that they're sticking with the "Trial version". Is English not your first language?

Kemosabe1148d ago

Entitled much? Buy the game if you really want to play it that bad. Knack isn't even free with ps+ what makes you think driveclub would? Plus there's already tons of free dlc and car packs to make up for the troubled launch.

Crimzon1148d ago

Everyone with a PS+ subscription is entitled to the PS+ version of DriveClub. Why would you even try to debate that?

Kemosabe1148d ago

No sh*t everyone should get the ps+ version. when I said entitled much you were asking them to give the game for free, hence why I said entitled much. Buy the full version if you want it badly.

Crimzon1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

I got the full version for free with my PS4, I ended up selling it on eBay because it wasn't very good. The reason I said that they should give everyone the game for free as an apology however is because they've been waiting so long for it and the game was used as a selling point for PS+. Seems like the decent thing to do after screwing people around for so long and taking their money.

Edit: @Aenea. Plenty of other games that people have bought have been put on PS+ for free, so why would it look any different to the people that purchased DriveClub?

Aenea1148d ago

Yeah okay, but they aren't entitled to the full version for free. They could throw in some more free tracks or cars but not the entire game. How would that look like to the people who actually bought the full version? Ever thought about that?

Spotie1148d ago

I highly doubt DriveClub's Plus version was much of a selling point for Plus in the eyes of most people. The online play and everything else that comes with Plus probably was, though.

And who, once again, is "we all?" I didn't pay for the DC demo. I paid for DC. I don't know how it is in your head, but in most of the rest of the world, there are no guarantees but death and taxes. Unforseen circumstances can put a wrench in anybody's plans, and it's extremely entitled of you- especially considering you troll Sony articles all the time- to think you or anybody DESERVES the game for free.

If you wanna say you paid for it, how much did you pay? How much of the cost of Plus went towards the trial version of DriveClub? A penny? Given all the other things that go into a Plus subscription, it can't have been much more than that.

In essence, then, you're bitching over something you paid a damn penny for, at best.

Just stop it.

Bathyj1148d ago

Actually it HASNT been used as a selling point for a long long time.

The only people who keep going on about it are those showing their fake concern. This game can be had for so cheap and its well worth the value that anyone who really wants it has got it by now.

If the PLUS version is just a demo like you say they why would anyone bother waiting for it if they were serious about this game. Theres enough good word of mouth and videos around to make a judgement on it by now surely.

Army_of_Darkness1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Bathyj is spot on about the only people that are concerned about the free DriveClub version are the ones that really have no intentions on actually buying it but rather just use that as an excuse too continue downplaying the PS4...

I wanted DC for a while now and just grabbed it for under $30 digital(CAN) last week. Good racer, kinda hard, nice graphics, love the free DLC they offer, awesome weather effects and all, but I still prefer GT5 over this personally because the 60fps to me makes the driving much more smooth and easy on the eyes.
Here's hoping the sequel to DC is [email protected] now that it's not a rush to launch title.

Crimzon1148d ago

I guess that never happened then? Strange, especially considering there's so many articles and other factual evidence scattered around the internet. It must all be part of some grand conspiracy?

Or perhaps it's actually you who's the troll, Spotie, given that I'm the one with the facts here and you're the one with a long history of petty fanboy trolling on this website.

magiciandude1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )


The fact Sony promised PS+ subscribers the game is enough reason to be entitled to it. It's not rocket science...

It doesn't matter if it costs a penny or a dollar, the subscription as a whole is still 50 a year. Giving the game as promised is the least Sony can do. What's taking them nearly 3/4 of a year?

UltraNova1148d ago


Dude give it a break already, Evolution studios gave us a shit load of free content and more still to come, they paid their dues and the ps plus version will be coming for sure, stop being such a drag.

EeJLP-1148d ago

DriveClub PS+ Edition was promised at E3 2013 that it would be available to PS+ members "Immediately Within The First Year".

That's the point people are making. And since it's been over that promised year, they should make it the full version, not still the stripped down originally planned version. They're already like 8 months later than the absolute latest they said it would be available.

Rookie_Monster1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

The DC and Sony defenders are something else. They keep defending Sony when it is apparent they lied and hoodwinked many PSN + owners into giving in a full year of PSN plus and not only was the "promised" PSN plus Driveclub is still MIA all this time, the decent thing for them to do is to include a free copy of the game to all PSN plus members as a sign of good sports and as a sign of apology. How can you people sit there are defend this BS?

Not Only That, But What Is Worst Is Since We PS Plus members have to pay to play online now, Sony added no incentive to pay subscribers by omitting MP in new releases like The Orders 1886 and remake of the Uncharted Trilogy. And time and time again, the apologists like Spotie keep defending them to the bitter end. Smh

1nsomniac1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

@Redempteur DriveClub PS+ Edition was very much initially proposed as the "Full game with absolutely nothing stripped out" back in the reveal. It was said live on stage. It was also later publicly stated that they would In fact be stripping it down.

Let's just choose to forget the massive up-roar this caused at the time shall we??

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timlot1149d ago

"How fast do ya wanna go"

1149d ago
vikingland11149d ago

Well at least it looks like we still get the free version we were promised. Glad they cleared that up.

FallenAngel19841149d ago

This whole game has had a messy development

badz1491148d ago

Just the PS+ version. The game itself was fully playable offline and online just over 2 weeks after release and the weather is patched in in December despite people trying to portray it being worst. It was all smooth sailing thereafter with the slew of tour packs and free cars which are totally worth it if you have the season pass. I think it's easily the best value for money Seasin pass yet. L

Now the much awaited Nissans are coming and they just patched in accolades level for DLC manufacturers. They have also added compatibility for the upcoming Logitech G29 wheel with the latest update. I am already lvl 60 myself but still can't stop playing.

They marketed the game as a social experience but for me, screw that. The racing itself is what keeps me playing and the there are always a lot of people to race with online. With the level of support Sony and Evolution are giving to Driveclub, it will have long legs.

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