Forza Motorsport 6 is not a DirectX 12 Game and that's amazing

In an interview with the creative director of Turn10 Studios Dan Greenwalt at E3 2015 by Kal El from TiC podcast, the question came up over DirectX 12. With the new game which now supports weather, dynamic time of day and 24 player multiplayer we wondered if the game was written with the new efficient API which will be part of the new Windows 10 based user experience on Xbox One. The game also runs at a buttery smooth 60 frames per second at glorious 1080p while doing it. Although this is nothing new for Forza Motorsport games, fans wanted to know how this was achieved, since Project Cars seems to be having a tough time keeping that frame rate stable.

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FlexLuger1242d ago

Thats actually even more impressive. FM5 is a saolid racing game but it was technically rough in a few places. Fro them to go from that to what they are achieving with FM6 without the API update says a lot about how much more they will be eeking out of the hardware in future iterations. Halo 5 is not using it either and puts up impressive results for what they are doing. Good things ahead for this console.

christocolus1242d ago

Yup. What Turn 10 has been able to achieve is quite impressive.. I'm sure Playground will try really hard to beat this with their next game.

Bigpappy1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

I was shocked when you said Forza did not use DX12 API. That game is beautiful on so many levels. They must had included some of the features, without using the actual API.

dantesparda1242d ago

Wow, I know you so called "fans" are going to negged my to death, cuz you are all dishonest and emotional tide to these plastic boxes. But weren't you all talking sh't and going on and on about how great and incredible Forza was because it was going to have dynamic day/night/weather cycles and was DX12. And now suddenly that its being revealed that the game doesn't have dynamic day/night cycles or dynamic weather and not may not even be DX12, you are all now turning around and saying how that's incredible when its not doing any of those things? And now are claiming that not of those things matter. Are you people ok? You people flip flop like its nothing and will cheerlead anything on the Xbox. Talk about pathetic! And most of you people are grown men?

ABizzel11242d ago

This is normal. A launch gamr vs a year 2 game should show a difference especially considering this is the 3rd game they've worked on for XBO.

They've learned a lot about the hardware, and with Forza 7 they should be able to squeeze out a bit more on the CPU side.

ArrowofAres1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

@ Dante do you even know what you are talking about or do you just like to start stuff? Do you spend more time playing games or bashing people on n4g and their game preferences? Forza 6 does have dynamic time of day and weather effects that can be selected. Foprza horizon has dynamic weather, it is a matter of choice and both are great games.

christocolus1242d ago


Yeah its normal to see such improvements but the upgrade from 5 to 6 is so noticeable and considering the fact that Forza 5 was released in 2013,the team at Turn 10 were able to get so much out of the hardware in less than 2 years. its quite remarkable.


Don't waste your time with that guy. One quick look at this history and i realized it would be a waste of time replying his comment,he thrives off fanboy wars. the guy keeps attacking xbox fans&downplaying MS/Xbox.

kraenk121242d ago


Actually the modified DX11 Version the X1 uses already features a lot of functions DX12 will use, so yeah..that's exactly what is happening. Also one of the reasons why DX12 won't bring big benefits on X1 anymore.

ABizzel11241d ago


They did the same thing with Forza 2 up to Forza 3, which was a big difference and that too was only a 2 year cycle, and at that time they were only working on Forza solo.

This gen they've developed Forza 5, co-developed Forza Horizon 2, and now Forza 6, so they've more than likely mastered the XBO hardware already.

Once again this is normal, especially for a first party developer who has spent as much time with the box as they have. Not downplaying their accomplishment, but it's the truth.

PCars is also on XBO, and has all of these features as well been a crowd funded game, made by a collection of former Need for Speed guys, but like the article says framerate isn't perfect.

Considering Forza 6 is a first party exclusive, made by a developer who's been working on Xbox for since the original console (back in 2005, so 10 years now), who has made 3 games on the XBO already, and who should have a much larger budget than PCars, I expect them to be able to make a games the looks and runs better than PCars with all the same features.

Again I'm not downplaying this, but it should be expected. It's a great looking game, but I'm sure most of you were gaming last gen and you should know enough by now to know that a launch game is never representative of what a console can do, and year 2 - 4 games complete outdo them in every way.

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Walker1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

How it can be amazing without real-time-dynamic lighting/weather system and day night-cycle ??? the core elements that GT5 had in last generation consoles at it's best in twice pixel count than forza series .

FlexLuger1242d ago

And yet GT had those awful collision physics, a surprisingly flat nurburgring ( the real one isnt so smooth..neither is the one if forza), an online suite and community that pale in comparison. and lets not forget cars that sound like vacuum cleaners on steroids. And lets not forget those uprezzed PS2 model cars.

Forza has had better tyre and suspension physics than GT for years. Forza weather system is an impressive step in the right direction. FH2 had dynamic weather. It makes sense in that game. FM6 has wet weather and night racing where it applies in the real world. you wont be racing on laguna seca in the wet because it doesnt rain their very often.

besides you dont realistically such drastic change in weather over 5-10 laps in a real race. Makes no sense in a video game to do that, other than it looks cool. But Im sure the next FM7 will feature it. FH2 did. You should do your research.

"the core elements that GT5 had in last generation consoles at it's best in twice pixel count than forza series ."

Did you REALLY just say that GT on PS3 runs at 2X 1080P?

yewles11242d ago

"a surprisingly flat nurburgring"

The most celebrated rendition amongst professionals and you call it flat. That's just pure salt talking.

FlexLuger1241d ago


Show me a driver who hasnt been paid in some way to say that, and I might take you seriously.

I may not be a pro driver, but I own a descent enough car, I do track days and I KNOW tracks. I also happen to know a thing or two about car control. So I know where I stand.

Just because you dont like what I say. doesnt mean its salty. even if you got a bunch af agrees from PS fanboys. It just means you dont like what im saying. You have a hard time dealing with difference of opinion dont you? You probably dont even know how to heel and toe in a manny( do you even know what I mean when I say that?), but you think you are going to tell me what the ring is like? LMFAO!! Nice try.

d_g1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

GT5 had PS2 car models with no physics damage physics

tell me that’s not true

"the core elements that GT5 had in last generation consoles at it's best in twice pixel count than forza series ."

are you serious ?

tgunzz1242d ago

How big was the smile on your face when you typed this comment? I can picture you smiling, and saying "those xb1 gamers think this is going to be an amazing game, I will show them" Ha!

_-EDMIX-_1242d ago

Didn't they announce weather and day and night already for this game?

Ok just looked it up and its not real time. It can still be amazing without it being in real time, that is their choice to do so and is likely why its even in 1080p while at 60fps.

I admit GT5 and 6 where quite impressive in terms of technical feats, but that doesn't mean the Forza series is lessor.

Forza actually gets a better overall rating each installment higher then even GT. Its not as big as a deal as you might think if you consider Forza gets rated better. I like the real time effect in GT and in many games, but it doesn't some how make or break the game for me, they are merely nice features to have.

CernaML1242d ago

"Forza actually gets a better overall rating each installment higher then even GT"

No it doesnt. No Forza game is rated as high as GT1 or GT3 and GT6 outscored FM5.

LexHazard791242d ago

@cernal does it matter what I love most about you salty trolls is that nobody who owns xbox one cares about GT. They're getting Forza 6... where is your GT?

ArrowofAres1242d ago


Kinda funny that you are comparing the review scores of a launch title FM5 to GT6 which came closer to the end of the ps3's life cycle. Even funnier considering the launch title forza 5 has a nearly equivalent metacritic rating to GT6 and is rated higher by many critics.

RiseofScorpio1242d ago

What you basically said is that GT hasn't been good in 14 years.

_-EDMIX-_1242d ago

@Walugi- "What you basically said is that GT hasn't been good in 14 years"

Good is subjective. I personally feel its the best sim racer series ever made. I'm merely point out how Forza has gotten great metacritic reviews.

GT by no means is a bad game, its in a class of its own.

To put it to rest on purely a sales and review basis.

Forza 1 - 92
Forza 2 - 90
Forza 3 - 92
Forza 4 - 91
Forza 5 - 79

Horizon 1- 85
Horizon 2 - 86

The GT series.


GT at like 70 plus million units

Forza at a little over 10 units.

So GT very much sells better (as not really sure that needed to be stated)

GT gets better scores.

ArrowofAres1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )


all I see from those scores is that forza motorsport , since its release on xbox 360 through its iterations on xbox one (so the last 10 years) has consistently scored higher and been more critically acclaimed than its competitors.

GT 1,2,3,4 (you know the ones that didnt score in the low 80s) were all on ps2 or lower, and came out before forza was relevant. It would be the equivalent of me comparing the scores of of Doom 1,2, and 3 to make a contention that the current iteration of doom necessarily will be better than halo 5, Call of Duty 15, or killzone something or another. It is a stupid comparison when comparing current games.

Quit living in the past my man

CernaML1237d ago

@BakPain Im willing to wait however long it takes for GT7 to arrive. Ive enjoyed them far more than I ever did Forza. I tried Forza 6 and after seeing all of its shortcomings even compared to the last gen GT titles, it has definitely not sold me an Xbox One yet. I know the truth hurts but its not me trolling. Forza 6 was damn near close at selling me an X1.

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shloobmm31242d ago

Real time dynamic day and night cycle does not make a game amazing. AS long as they lighting and shadows aren't prebaked it shouldn't matter.

Andofaus1242d ago

Walker the uber troll strikes again.

CernaML1242d ago

I was disappointed by the lack of real time dynamic changes. Even without them night racing looks low res and heavy rain has shockingly low detail on cars.

1242d ago
NickTheSlick1242d ago

Gran Turismo 5/6 didn't run at a full 1080P resolution AND they most certainly did not run at a locked 60fps, either. Weather effects and a lot of cars on the screen brought the framerate down to 30's.

Do you have ANY clue about how hard it is to have a locked 60fps game like this? Your average framerate must be higher than 60 internally in order to never dip below 60.

Not sure why I'm responding to a chronic troll, but whatever.

Bolts1242d ago

Weather in track racers isn't a big deal. Most people don't race in the middle of a thunderstorm at dusk.

Damage modeling and Ai are critical. And GT 5 damage modeling is almost criminal.

Volkama1242d ago

The lighting is dynamic. Re-doing the baked lighting on each track for different weather and conditions would be grossly inefficient.

The weather and time of day are not. But really, how much does the weather and time of day need to change within a ~6-10 minute race?

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twiggytree121242d ago

This game can not come soon enough! Been impressed with everything I have been seeing!

urwifeminder1242d ago

So F7 will have some nice upgrades as well as far as lighting goes game looks stunning.

Spudinator2171242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Wow thats amazing work, I thought Forza 5 was ok, probably the worst sequal IMO but I love FH2 and my mate plays it every single day, cant wait for FM6 goodbye Project Cars.

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