Backwards Compatibility for the Xbox One – All Flash No Substance

Gamemoir's Nick D. explains why Microsoft’s backwards compatibility announcement is all flash. As great as the headlines look, the details of the service leave a lot to be desired.

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Sonyslave31150d ago

Smh how people try too down play xbox one BC

MrSwankSinatra1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

I find it funny how people like I and a few others were advocating for BC before these current gen consoles even launched and was being told that BC was irrelevant. Most common thing I was told "I buy new consoles to play new games, not old ones" or "keep your old console if you want to play old games."

Now all of a sudden BC is a big deal to people? I swear this gaming community flip flops at an astounding rate.

Army_of_Darkness1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

@sonyslave How is this downplaying BC on the xbone when it's a true statement? LOL!

"Microsoft is letting gamers play a constrained list of older Xbox 360 games, which are limited by developer approval. BC, in general, is convenient for gamers because they get to put away or sell their older systems. This BC will not allow that because it will always be limited, meaning there will always be games that can only be played on your Xbox 360."

GameForever1150d ago

Not a big deal to me, tittle says it all. Yes I have an Xbox One.

donthate1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

I think as time goes on BC becomes less useful, but more valuable.


Well initially there is a drought of games on the new platform, and I would love nothing more to play Gears of War 3 on my Xbox One right now. As we get Gears 4, I would be less inclined to play Gears of War 3, but for my own nostalgic reasons I would love to have the ability to re-experience Gears of War 3 as it was back then. There are plenty of games like that including Ninja Gaiden 2 (which has the best version on Xbox 360 despite technical issues) and Mass Effect trilogy.


I think people flip flop because of the fanatics war is raging, and the fact that people will reason on their purchase depending on if they bought the console or not.

@ author of this article:

Your opinion piece stinks!

How is backwards compatibility without substance when they announced it and games are immediately available at a higher performance than on the Xbox 360 itself. It shows the technology works now.

Developer/publisher approval has already shown that we will get Fallout 3 and Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2 compatibility. We are expecting a lot more. I think it is more apt to wait until at least the end of the year to see what you actually received before declaring BC without substance.

Also, this is the most requested feature on both the PS3, PS4 and Xbox One. So clearly there are people that want this!

Sorry, your article stinks and unfortunately I gave your site a click. I will now down rate your site, make a mental note to avoid anything to do with gamemoir and move on.

Thanks for wasting my time!

4Sh0w1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

"When watching Microsoft’s conference, I couldn’t help but feel that this was more of a publicity stunt."

-lol, that was a very salty could practically taste the tears as he yelled, -Micro didn't win E3!, X1 BC is limited!, ps2 had full BC!!, wiiU had BC at launch!, BC is "inherently backwards looking"!, X1 BC is NOT impressive!!!= It sounded like something straight out a sonyfanboy handbook, yet this self described jrpg lover I imagined screamed to the high heavens for that FF7 announcement, remake or not it still points to him being one of the millions who want to play old games, albeit that isn't from ps3 era but it speaks to the fact that other fans will love playing past 360 games as well= It may not be important to him but he can't speak for xbox 360/X1 fans.

-'meh all his points just seems like a bias "cup is half empty" type thoughts rather than just giving credit where credit is due to Microsoft for at least trying in a BIG WAY to give fans THE MOST REQUESTED X1 FEATURE SINCE LAUNCH FOR **FREE**= His time could have been much better spent investigating and asking what should do for their fans with p$now....hey what do you got to say about that Mr. Doyle???...crickets.

NatureOfLogic_1150d ago

I have to agree with the article. Xbox One BC is the most overhyped feature yet, and It's not even proper BC.

starchild1150d ago

No flip-flopping on my part. I've always said backwards compatibility is a very desirable feature to have in a platform. I love the fact the PC is backwards compatible, for example. In fact, I finished Mass Effect and just started with Mass Effect 2, because I love those games and I plan to play through all three games before Mass Effect Andromeda comes out.

The BC announcement for the Xbox One made the console about 25% more attractive to me and I'm seriously thinking about getting one. I no longer own an Xbox 360, but I do have some 360 games I would still like to play. Games like Gears of War 2, Red Dead Redemption and Tenchu Z.

The only downside is that not every game will necessarily be supported. But it's still a very nice feature to have.

BattleAxe1150d ago

People can try to downplay Xbox One backwards compatibility all they want, because all they are doing is trying to justify their own Sony console purchase. They see a great feature that they want, but can't get with their own console of choice, so the only thing to do is act like they don't care about posting comments in endless articles about the matter.

GameNameFame1150d ago

Keep telling yourselves that Ms didn't get destroyed at e3

HAC5221149d ago

because nobody cares until one side realizes that the other side has it. Its now a feature that the xbox has that the ps4 doesn't.

UnHoly_One1149d ago

Ok gamenamefame, and you keep telling yourself that Sony "won" with a remake of an 18 year old game and a kickstarter advertisement.

In two or three years you might even get to play both of those games!!

Bigpappy1149d ago

Your memory only remembers what you want it too obviously. When Don Matrix told that to gamers and was soon after removed (resigned) from M$.

nix1149d ago

When they announced BC was going to come out with 100 games first, i knew it was not "just pop the disc n play all the games" function.

Anyone who didn't get it that time clearly doesn't know much about announcements and the terms of conditions that come with it.

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hello121150d ago ShowReplies(3)
christocolus1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

They can keep downplaying it all they like. The truth is BC is an awesome feature to have and what MS has been able to achieve with BC on Xbox One is no joke. They should be applauded for it. The author questions the need for BC but he has no idea that this feature was the most requested feature by fans on the Xbox feedback site. who cares what one guy thinks,millions of Xbox fans will be enjoying this awesome feature come fall and MS can do so much with this. Take a look at Rainbow 6 and Fallout 4, both games will allow Xbox One fans download their Xbox 360 prequels for free and MS could start adding Xbox 360 games to GwG on Xbox One and according to Major Nelson since BC was announced requests to enter the preview program have been at an all time high and yet this author is trying to downplay BC? smh

Halo2ODST21150d ago

Well it's not down playing it if it's true, atm there isn't really a variety of games that are BC, i was playing skyrim earlier to get achievements but it was on my 360 because it wasn't BC, after that i played Halo reach Multiplayer for awhile, that's a 1st party game, was it on 360 or X1? Take a guess, 360 as even the best halo game wasn't BC. In time more games will have BC, but in reality there isn't many games.

turdburgler10801150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

The author just sounds butt hurt. You can almost feel it in his writing. He just focuses on publishers permission and before that downplays the history of BC. If your a publisher with a catalog of older none revenue producing titles that can suddenly generate a revenue stream again and you don't have to commit resources to make it happen your probably going to check yes for the program. Sure lots of folks have the games already but many will undoubtedly go out and rebuy titles they sold or never got a chance to play. Some of those will even buy digital or new physical copies where available and that right there is revenue. Undoubtedly certain titles will never work because of incompatibility with last gen pereferrals but those make up a minority of the titles. Also license deals may end but the possibility of getting more money from resigning exists so the licenses will more often then not be renewed. Who doesn't like making money?

n4rc1150d ago

It hasn't even officially released yet..

LexHazard791150d ago

@ halo, you do realize that its only available to preview members and that eventually more games will be added. Any issues going on now with the BC feature has time to b3 fix for Holiday release.

Regardless of what others think. The fact is that MS is atleast trying to bring BC to Xbox One. There alot of games I purchased from XBLA heres hoping I can play them on my X1 soon.

4Sh0w1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

"atm there isn't really a variety of games that are BC"

-You don't say, a service that isn't actually available to the public doesn't have a ton of games yet, OMG Imagine that.

-We should appreciate how cool it was that they made it available to selected gamers the day it was announced. They could have just tested behind closed doors, made it available in the fall and then piece milled it as we go from there. It's ironic and funny that something as complicated as this BC is available NOW although it was *never promised* while another specific game title that was *promised on a competing platform has been a disaster both in release and as an example of how NOT to treat your fans. Yet the months roll by and its OK, pfft, yet the same fanboys want to downplay this BC. lmfao

Again it's being TESTED= public beta to selected members, and it's coming to everyone in a very short time, this fall= That is pretty amazing by itself.

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Magicite1150d ago

Its truth, BC on X1 is a marketing ploy to make X360 owners move onto, while in fact it will never make X1 run majority of X360 games with proper performance.

Why o why1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Isnt it still in beta stage....

I mean its early. Yes its a smart way to get some stragglers to jump to the x1 but at least ms is being part way honest with its limitations. If the games you want aren't supported or running at a good level yet, dont jump quite yet. Im sure there will be a new segments or sites that will specialise in the BC availability and quality of old games on the x1.

Despite the list and quality of supported titles being small, its still one of my top announcements of e3. I would appreciate this feature on the ps4 especially since this gen is young and many of last gens games are still relevant.

Game changer.........nah

Great feature........yep

4Sh0w1150d ago

@Why o why

Well said bro, always nice to read comments from ps fans with common sense.

bf0007779661150d ago

The BC is actually really cool to me as a PS4 owner, no matter it is actully useful. But this feature for MS is a bottomless pit of developer recourse, constant tweak and optimization is needed to ensure every game run well on the hardware. This is almost case by case scenario especially games that comes out letter, which is heavilly optimized against the original hardware, making it even harder to optimise. So if this feature don't push sales, MS probably will stop supporting it, the result is that you get a broken BC, just see how they did to the Kinect. I hope this will not happen.

Death1150d ago

Microsoft created a virtual 360 in software. What is there to tweak on a game by game basis if it's hardware emulation? If you have ever used an emulator before you would know the emulation software gets tweaked over time, but the games aren't touched.

All the downsides to this b/c so far have been made up by fans of a different system. Sony has invested millions to get PS3 games onto the PS4. I'm sure they cry another tear every time a Playstation fan claims they don't want to play old games on their new system.

4Sh0w1150d ago

"But this feature for MS is a bottomless pit of developer recourse, constant tweak and optimization is needed to ensure every game run well on the hardware. This is almost case by case scenario"

-It's very clear you are not informed about X1 BC....considering it's been a major topic since E3 I'm guessing Death is waisting his time because you just have your mind made up to downplay it at all costs.

jb2271150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Look at PS Now, one of the first & biggest criticisms was its thin library of 100 titles, albeit with a few major exclusives. Those criticisms were valid then just like the criticisms of XBOs BC is now. Promises are only that, until the good titles are added, this service is all hot air. Has anyone actually looked at the first list? Banjo, perfect dark, mass effect and viva piñata are the only titles on there most people would have even heard of, much less own, and 3 of those will be on the rare replay collection when it drops in a couple months. I've heard Mass Effect has some issues running properly but even if it's rock solid, one marquee title isn't enough to consider this a game changer for me yet. MS needs a year or two to prove its worth really

Death1150d ago

PSNow's biggest criticism has always been price. Everyone was gungho for the service when they thought it would be free or very cheap. For $0.00 I'm not sure the same applies to Xbox b/c. As for the list of games, we won't see what's on it until the feature is actually released. Preview members only have access to a small number of titles since the announcement at e3.

tinynuggins1150d ago

how about waiting until the service actually launches this holiday before complaining about the number of titles?

BattleAxe1150d ago

PSNow charges a subscription fee to play old games that you might have already purchased. Xbox One Backwards Compatibility is free, and allows you to play games that you've already purchased.

On top of that, Backwards Compatibility hasn't been released to the public yet. If you prefer to pay a subscription for games you've already purchased, and lesser graphical quality due to the fact you are streaming each game, then be my guest lol

fanboysmackdown1150d ago

I love how the Sony fanboy AoC posts a comment here like it means anything implying what the butthurt author repeated. How in any way does BC become anything but a win for X1 owners? Only a retard or opposing fanboy can find a negative. Hell, they'd probably kick Santa Claus in the nuts while they were at it too.

LgbtWarrior1149d ago

Its the truth. they announced it way too early there's only in like 20 games that work . they should have launched with at least a hundred games. clearly they're just trying to win back the gamers they lost.

bigboi2121149d ago

Hey [email protected]#$.
It hasn't launched yet! OMG! these comments on N4G are some of the worst. Is comprehension in nonexistent here?

JeffGUNZ1149d ago

@ Lgbwarrior

You do know they release limited amounts solely for preview testing, yea? They already said all first part games will be good to go and more by launch. Why would they release the whole library for a preview? The actual BC library will not release till the fall. See the thing with MS is they have their preview program. I am in it. We get all this stuff early and provide feedback and report bugs and whatnot. Then, when it's polished, they release the final build. They stated BC will release with AT LEAST 100 titles and all MS exclusives will be ready to go.

They announced it at E3 in June to come out in fall of the same year. How is that too early?!

jrshankill1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

PSnow is teh future!! I would rather pay to stream the games I already owned with ma' PS4!

seriously.. If people could pop a PS3 disc into a PS4 and download the game.. this would be hailed as the greatest thing ever. It is quite pathetic.

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corroios1150d ago

So the wii U must have win the E3 when it announced BC...

Not downplay. Almost nobody two years in next gen is gonna go out to buy a machine because it can play some games of last gen.

Its cool feature, but its not a game changer that Microsoft needs. What they need to get out is the new SDK and to stop their games of running worse then PS4, like the new Batman.

Its very bad publicity for the Xbox One like or not. It doesnt matter if you can see or not the diference between 900p and 1080p. Gamers want the best they can get and mag will put out tons of news about the rez.

ScorpiusX1150d ago

Then they should be gaming on a PC if that's the case.

Haru1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Na'h Batman works even worse on PC than on xbone, PS4 is the superior gaming machine but fanboys will never understand that

Khajiit861150d ago


Believe me PC version is still better than PS4, just not as good as PC gamers know it can be. Plenty of other games have proved this. PC is the superior gaming machine, most of the gaming you do is multiplats that look much better on PC and cost much less. Plus theres a much bigger selection of games on PC.... Love my PS4 but come on, dont be dumb.

uth111150d ago

exactly, BC didn't win Wii U this gen, lack of BC didn't stop the PS4 from selling like hotcakes.

It's not as big a deal as people think. And it matters most when a console is launched. Announcing it two years in is odd

magiciandude1150d ago

Yet there are more remasters than exclusives on both PS4 and Xbox One, and BC is one of the most requested of features. Yep, it's not as big a deal as people think...

Thefreeman0121150d ago

The Xbox One is what it is.. they cant change the specs now. The only thing they can do is improve on its foundation (aka Slim), make great games, offer great perks like BC.

magiciandude1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

This is an excellent feature. There's nothing to downplay about it. Xbox gamers can download previously purchased digital titles onto the new system for no extra cost, in addition to playing the games they bought at retail. Xbox 360 owners have more reason to upgrade to the Xbox One instead of the PS4. This is a strong competitive move against Sony. Can't lie about that.

_-EDMIX-_1150d ago

Though I agree that BC isn't a huge announcement as many seem to make it out to be (in terms of translating into real sales), that has nothing to really do with this article.

This article states "the details of the service leave a lot to be desired"

Its known that its limited, its known that every publisher clearly won't get on board, nothing is wrong with that, and it doesn't really take away from what it is that they are offering by too much.

" Capcom has even recently confirmed that remasters would be a big part of its business model moving forward. With this in mind, should we expect to see any Capcom game on Microsoft’s BC list? The answer is a resounding “No”."

......many of those titles have never been released on XB before, if anyone would make great use of those titles, it would be MS. Capcom will still make those remasters and still likely support MS program as DMC4 on XONE won't likely just be magically running 60fps like the remastered version, it won't magically make the models better detailed etc.

"Timing is important. BC is about convenience first and foremost. After all, it doesn’t actually provide anything new"

No...its about offering you a service free of charge. I'm sorry but BC is great regardless of when someone its getting it, both XONE and PS4 saw record sales with zero BC at launch.

Offering BC later is still something of value regardless.

I personally don't think them announcing it earlier would have been a huge game changer as Wii U says hello to that statement. Mind you, Wii had like 100 million sales and even Wii U being a Wii didn't help em lol.

MS can't do much regarding games at 900p as that is of the choice of the developer. Let say MS makes some update to allow more GPU power, how do we even know it would be used to even bump up res? Could that team not just merely increase some visuals, effects, lighting etc?

Its not an either or, they can do both and have been doing both. XONE is selling better then 360, with or without BC, with or without 900p/1080p etc. Mind you, XONE launched with 1080p games. Its not selling bad, its merely selling less then PS4...soooo sounds like you feel his is based on fanboy perspective and not real facts.

Consider PS2 in the same time frame sold less. PS4 is selling faster then any console in existence right now in comparison, that doesn't mean MS is doing badly, merely means in comparison to. Most folks can't even this this whole 900p to 1080p thing anyway.

tmh35931150d ago

I really cant believe how stupid some people can be it's mind blowing. Go read about something ps4 related and quit trolling please. BC is an awesome feature and most of you dont even have an xbox one so why the fuck do you care

Veneno1149d ago

No Nintendo failed completely with Wii U BC because you need the old Wii hardware for it to work. Wtf is the point of BC if you still need the old peripherals for it to work ?

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gamertk4211150d ago

Troll article, because people just read headlines...

roland821150d ago

If gamers want the best than why waste time with a console at all and just get a good pc and play games in 4k?

Professor_K1149d ago

Nope sorry consoles still have exclusives and almost all of the games the pc has. Mods you say? something tells me F4 wont be the only one.

nitus101149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

There are 4k games? Really, please name them since the last time I looked (1 month ago) only 1 graphics card came very close but no cigar to actually supporting 4k and it wasn't exactly cheap.

As for displaying on a 4k TV/monitor most non 4k content is up-scaled although this still looks very nice. Basically the so called 4k gaming is actually mods not the actual game.

Even if you do get a rig that can provide close support for 4k gaming it is going to cost you and the only way to save money is to build it yourself.

N0TaB0T1150d ago

Really okay greater access to games, so bad, so incredibly overrated right? /s