Limited Edition Forza Motorsport 6 Xbox One Now Available for Pre-Order; Gets Animated 3D View

If you're in the market for the newly announced limited edition Xbox One dedicated to Forza Motorsport 6, pre-orders have just been made available at GameStop, on the Microsoft Store and on Amazon.

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FlexLuger1153d ago

This thing is sexy. Ill be taking one of those controllers, thank you :)

mikeslemonade1153d ago

Wow one of the few things MS does correct.

EvilWay1152d ago

I can name a few but I'm not going to bother with you

christocolus1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Yup.its a nice looking console.

tgunzz1152d ago

Simply Beautiful......

pompombrum1153d ago

What about the Halo bundle? Still impatiently waiting to see what that looks like. This one looks really nice though, the design looks very clean.

christocolus1153d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

In due far it seems more Xbox fans are eager to see the Halo 5 bundle.I'm sure MS is crafting one lovely bundle as we speak.I guess there'll be bundles for Halo 5 and Tomb Raider.

FlexLuger1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

I hope they use a similar design to reach with that silver, forerunner art style. The green H3 console was horrible. I can see it being bundled with MCC aswell as H5, for the ultimate halo bundle.

I honestly think this FM6 edition is pretty classy though.Just the rght details. Not to over the top. and at the end of the day regardless of whether you like the pack in game or not its a nice version of the console to own. I own the COD:AW edition. I hate cod but wanted the console for its design and built in 1tb drive. Two of my friends own the white X1, often wishing they bought the 1tb AW. But I sometimes wish I bought the white one. But then i look at my AW and think..."I got a good one". I can think of a few people I know that wil want this to join my exclusive 'limited edition console owners club'! lol.

I almost wish I waited but I couldnt do without MCC and fh2 any longer. so I went and found a good bundle :)

whitesoxfalife19761153d ago

Tho it looks alright, I just know the halo bundle will killed this art style wise. Blue n black are two favorite colors but that halo five bundle I'm soo sure it's coming.

raggy-rocket1153d ago

Looks very beautiful. I'm happy with my day one edition for now :)

MASTAN1NjAH1152d ago

My Advanced Warfare Limited Edition Xbox One is still the best looking Limited Edition console so far. Not liking this one... should be all blue and not half black.

FlexLuger1152d ago

I have that same console. I love the sound fx when you turn it on and off. and the details on the facia.

MASTAN1NjAH1152d ago

not forgetting the AW controllers also look amazing, i have two of them ;-)

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The story is too old to be commented.