Fantasy - Most Wanted Video Games for the 2020 Olympics

Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): The 2020 Summer Olympics take place in Tokyo, Japan, and organizers proposed eight new sports, including baseball, softball, martial arts and bowling. Baseball is a great choice, considering some of the best international players made it to the MLB, such as New York Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka and legend Ichiro Suzuki. The sport has global appeal, but bowling? We love knocking down pins and wearing funny shoes as much as the next person, but we have an even better suggestion for the 2020 Olympics, video games!

In Asia, thousands of people cram into stadiums to watch championships. The U.S. doesn’t have this level of fandom yet, but large crowds routinely show up to fighting game tournaments like EVO, while lets fans view their favorite live streams on demand. Even sports giant ESPN occasionally broadcasts gaming competitions. The video games as sport debate is still in its infancy, but imagine where we’ll be five years from now. There’s a legitimate chance of it becoming a recognized sport, alongside chess and poker.

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