Why PlayStation Pursued Call of Duty Exclusivity

"At E3 2015 this year, Activision debuted the next Call of Duty on Sony's stage rather than Microsoft -- a first for the franchise in many years. When asked how this new partnership came to be, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg said it was a combination of timing and previous work."

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FlexLuger1270d ago

"It’s important to remember that this is a cross-platform game and everyone gets all the content eventually and it’s going to be the best shooter on any platform no matter where you want to play."

I laughed when I read this. COD has never been the best shooter on xbox, even if it sold the most. Halo and titanfall are better games. So is battlefield.

As for why sony went after it in the wake of MS not renewing their marketing/DLC deal..well Sony want to get more x360 users on board. X360 owners make up roughly 38% of ps4 owners. thats 12% shy of half the PS4's current. Sony have also noticed that this 2shooter/dudebro" audience are the highest concentration of DLC buyers on any console game. They also know that the avearage xbox user spends a lot of money on DLC.Lets look at some facts:

COD: associated with xbox. timed DLC up the ass. shooter.

Starwars: Many past associations with xbox from the original SW:BF and kotor games. a kinect+ R2D2 bundle. Shooter. marketing deal.

Destiny: from the makers of halo ( sony are keen to point this out in pressers). Shooter. Timed DLC up the ass. marketing deal.

They are literally using MS own playbook. advertising online centric (typically the domain of the xbox gamer)FPS games front and center.

The xbox was always seen as the shooter console and COD played just as much a role in that stereotype. Well now the PS4 will be the 'dudebro shooter' console. Sony are in for a shock when they realise that audience is only interested in COD and mostly ignore starwars...oh it will happen.Meanwhile COD looks more and ore like titanfall minus mechs...

MS did well to distance themselves from COD. Halo looks like it will be at its best MP ever. Its time for them to treat their shooter like it has no equal. No more shared marketing budget with CODs. Its on XB1 anyway. And In doubt tourney players will switch. look at how that worked out with SF4. They will play on the preferred platform of choice or just go MLG and take their sponsors with them.