New PS4 Model CUH-1200 Will Have a Brand New Packaging: Here’s What it Looks Like

Yesterday Sony Computer Entertainment officially announced the CUH-1200 series of the PS4, and today we learn that not only the console will have a different look thanks to the matte HDD bay cover, but it will also appear differently on store shelves with a brand new package.

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uth11973d ago

I think the matte drive cover is a step down

Abriael973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

Pretty sure it's to reduce production costs. Not needing to print the drive covers separately streamlines the production pipeline for sure.

pedrof93973d ago

I think that a cover that doesn't get fingertips marks on it it's a step up. They've done that first.

Abriael973d ago

@pedrof93: true that, personally I did liked the glossy finish, though.

pedrof93973d ago


Me too, I loved the shiny plastic ! But the problem is that it was impossible to keep that clean without scratching it ! That is frustrating ! :D

GetSomeLoGiK973d ago

Looks that way because it's not shiny like its new or something but matte is better imo cause you don't have to deal with fingerprints and scratches. Also I like the matte look because it reminds of the PS2.

Sitdown973d ago

I agree, makes it look bland..... I like the gloss, gives or a little character. I don't transport my ps4, so fingerprints aren't an issue.

darkmirror973d ago

Reminds me of how the first PS3 was covered in shiny plastic but the 2nd was all matte.

Blasphemy973d ago

i like better cause the glossy finish gets scratched up

Claudinho69972d ago

i never had to touch that part so why would i care about finger prints?

lategamer972d ago

Dust eventually collects, and cleaning the dust leads to scratches, which looks terrible. Happened to me and I used a microfiber cloth.

d4v0333972d ago

I agree with you but I am ok with the matte finish since the glossy one gets scratched very easily and leaves marks on it.

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kingPoS973d ago

I want a matte silver cover. The limited edition batman ps4 looks great in silver.

Gateway MT6706 2008

FallenAngel1984973d ago

I'm sure Wii Us are made with much cheaper parts now as well, no reason for it not to have a price cut now.

Visualift973d ago

I've always found glossy covers cheap and dirty looking on electronics. Looking forward to ordering one!

M-M973d ago

Reminds me of the PS2.

S2Killinit973d ago

aha i knew it was familiar somehow.

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The story is too old to be commented.