Are We Sure Batman isn't Killing People in Arkham Knight?

Batman has but one hard and fast rule: he doesn't kill. But surely developer Rocksteady was aware that the second it put a death tank like the Batmobile in player's hands for Arkham Knight, the first thing we'd do would be to try and break that one rule. Did we succeed? Who knows, but there sure were a lot of explosions...

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bunt-custardly1190d ago

I guess they missed (or deliberately ignored for the sake of a pointless video) the press up on the d-pad option where you can see an X-ray view of the bodies which tells you they are alive and unconscious alongside their current heart beat.

olliec94931190d ago

Just looking at the bit where he repeatedly ran over a blokes body and wondering whether one really needs a heartbeat monitor to tell that that bloke is pretty dead. I dunno, you reckon you could take a quarter of the weight of the batmobile to the sternum and walk it off?

Ezz20131190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

**i run over a dude with my Huge Tank-like Batmobile and he look like roadkill now
i will use my X-Ray to know if he's dead or not...Beacuse i'm smart and use brain

ChronoJoe1190d ago

He doesn't run over the bodies though. The cars wheels actually clip through them if you look, that's why the vehicle doesn't interact with corpses on the ground.

You can critisize this for breaking immersion, but it's quite clear that he doesn't kill anyone. Sure, there are a lot of sequences were logically the force Batman hits someone with should have killed them, but it's important to remember that this is a video game after all. There are also huge numbers of times in the comics, animated TV show, and movies where Batman's actions would have most likely, killed or at least paralysed his targets.

JsonHenry1190d ago

The Batman I know and love would have no problem killing these guys.

CorndogBurglar1190d ago

Then you don't know and love Batman.

JsonHenry1190d ago

Then YOU don't know Batman if you think that -

Jaqen_Hghar1190d ago

He really needs to get rid of that rule anyway. A man offers names to the many faced God and justice is done.

morganfell1190d ago

All are welcome to shed their burden in the House of Black and White. Bubbles for the reference.

MasterCornholio1190d ago

I'm pretty sure he killed some people.

He just likes to pretend they are knocked out.

GoPanthers9991190d ago

Lol, right! I'm pretty certain getting shot by a tank would qualify as fatal.

1190d ago
CrowGoblin1190d ago

This is the first thing I thought when driving the new BatTank how can you run over these guys or fire a missile at them and not kill ?!

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