Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition Removed from PSN After Brief Appearance

Today Sony Computer Entertainment briefly made Driveclub's PlayStation Plus Edition available on the PlayStation Store with no announcement, and just as suddenly removed it shortly afterwards.

(updated with official statement from Evolution Studios)

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Bathyj1035d ago

The game does have a good sense of speed...

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TwoForce1035d ago

Yeah, that's what I thought. This is much more stressful than laughing.

ChrisGTR11034d ago

im extremely pissed off but i feel like this is the best expression for how i feel towards the devs and towards this game in general at this point. it got delayed last second in october and here we are almost 1 year later and they still cant get this game launched.

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WitWolfy1035d ago

This game isnt that great. Dont see the appeal, much better racers out there.

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