How To Remove Batman Arkham Knight Framerate Limit

The PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight is suffering from quite some issues. Apart from poor performance on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. Apart from the stuttering issues, the game is also limited to 30 frames per second.

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zeal0us908d ago

It seem like Batman:AK is shooting for the Assassin Creed Unity award.

Bugs galore and pc limitations.

OhMyGandhi908d ago

I just learned that no matter how good at sale can appear to be on Green Man Gaming...Go for Steam.
The game is unplayable on my end, and GMG offers no refunds.

JamesBroski908d ago

Good point, I forgot about the refunds on Steam. Next time I'll buy a game off Steam and if it runs well get a refund and buy it discounted.

ELE_Victim908d ago

Can someone please explain to me any logical reason as to why a PC developer would lock the framerate at 30?

peowpeow908d ago

Lol the only logical reason is laziness.