Xbox One Fall UI Update E3 2015 Impressions | Gamerheadquarters

Impressions of the upcoming Xbox One Fall UI update straight from a behind closed doors meeting at E3 2015. Going over the new vertical scroll design and redone snap mechanic.

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TheGreatGamer826d ago

So excited, glad I'm in preview!

christocolus826d ago

Cant wait to start using Cortana.

HaydenJameSmith826d ago

Me neither being able to set up a party without leaving a game will be so useful for those Warzone matches in Halo 5 :P

XanderZane826d ago

I've ready to give it a try. Definitely an improvement.

JeffGUNZ826d ago

Any rumors on when preview members get a hold of this?

3ndulg3826d ago

How do you get to be in the revew.

Kribwalker825d ago

Send me ur gamer tag and I'll invite you

3ndulg3825d ago (Edited 825d ago )

R3forg3worg3n ty dude. Try with out cap first then without pls.

Dewitt826d ago (Edited 826d ago )

So basically you told us what we already know minus you telling people that snap goes over the game. Which is actually incorrect, the quick menu does, snap will still shrink the screen and stay static, just now on the left hand side.

skycaptin5826d ago

From what I understand and what they had shown is that the quick menu is the snapping feature. Just over laying on the left hand side. They went through messages/party/notifications and everything though we didn't get to see them "snap an app". This is of course all the information I was given while at the meeting.

ninsigma826d ago

Looks a lot better! And thankfully so! The ui as it stands just sucks so the change is very welcome!!

lemoncake826d ago

Microsoft always make big UI changes, this new one looks much better cannot wait to try it.

bf000777966826d ago

Looks a lot similar to that of Ps4 than before

MrBigShot007826d ago

No it doesn't. In what way does it look similar to that long scroll bar of the PS4?

BattleTorn826d ago

umm. it's minimalistic, with emphasis on the foreground image.....


transformboy007826d ago

Actually it does. They just flipped it and made it vertical with the quick menu icons on the left instead of the top. They took the best of the ps4 ui and the xbox one ui and combined them and made it better imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.