More People Watch E-Sports Than NBA Finals, According To Data Report

One Angry Gamer "An infographic from the Sports Management Degree Hub has an interesting breakdown of the stats comparing the electronic sports league with the major league sporting events, including the NBA, BCS, NCAA basketball and the MLB world series and e-sports actually comes out on top."

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StockpileTom1152d ago

Since a certain sport was omitted I feel I should add it in for the sake of comparison.

MLB World Series: 14.9 million
NCAA Basketball Final Four (average):15.7 million
NBA Finals (game 7): 26.3 million
BCS National Championship: 26.4 million
League of Legends Season 3 World Championship: 32 million
NFL Super Bowl XLVII: 108.7 million

Still, 32M is quite impressive...

WilliamUsher1152d ago

I noticed the infographic left out the NFL and FIFA as well. I don't think e-sports is that popular... yet.