Waiting For Arkham Knight GOTY Edition Is Boycott Failure

There is a troubling amount of people that think waiting for a possible Game of the Year Edition (a bundle with all the game’s DLC in one complete package) up to a year after launch is an effective means of not supporting terrible publishing practices.

Unfortunately, it’s arguably helping to give a popular title like Batman: Arkham Knight extended legs and a sales resurgence later in release life. If you truly do not support what a game is doing in its practices, it is best to fully boycott the game entirely.

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Yi-Long1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I don't want to boycot the game completely, cause I want to play and enjoy the game.

I'm very much interested in the game.

However, I don't agree with their greedy business-practice, so I don't want to support that through a day 1 purchase.

I'll buy it once I can get the complete Arkham Knight experience, including all content, for 30 euro or less, and not a day sooner.

Castle3331272d ago

Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Not getting sucked into buying the "Basic" version of the game for full price i still have lots of games to beat Batman can wait. Once the the GOTY releases now that game will be worth the full price.

zeal0us1272d ago

You can't really blame people for not wanting Batman:Assassin Creed Unity.

I think I will hold out until I get a better computer.

raWfodog1272d ago

Yes, Batman can wait. For me, its not about boycotting or taking a stand against DLC but simply that I already have a backlog of games that I still wish to play (10 for current gen alone) but don't have that much time in my day(s) to do so.

I primarily game on the weekends and even then only for a few hours at a time. It takes me forever to get through games (especially huge ones) and by the time I get around to Batman they'll probably have a GOTY version available anyway.

TheSaint1272d ago

Sounds about right to me.

morganfell1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

How are gamers failures for wanting to experience the most complete version of the game and story on their very first play through? is run by idiots.

ThichQuangDuck1272d ago

Waiting til Batman Game of the Year edition goes on sale or buying it used. I really ahve no desire to play it until it is 30$ with DLC

Malice-Flare1272d ago

i wasn't boycotting the game anyway. i bought Asylum & City as GOTY versions so i'll be consistent...

poppinslops1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Same... I'm thinking I'll get 'Origins' to tie me over 'till then.

Do you know if got a GotY edition?

Malice-Flare1272d ago

there's a Complete Edition for Europe, but isn't available in the states...

i don't think this'll get a GOTY version...

poppinslops1272d ago

Damn, I'm in Australia... I wonder if the Xone's backwards compatibility is region-locked?

Skate-AK1272d ago

Yeah, BC is region locked.

poppinslops1272d ago

Bummer... I guess it's the Vanilla Edition for me.

Or is it?
I just realized, Europe runs PAL games, right?
I thought they were NTSC, but they're PAL, like Australia... so does that mean I can import the Complete Edition, or am I missing something?

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Rookie_Monster1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Warner Bros and Rocksteady have betrayed us PC gamers with a half a-- effort on the most powerful gaming platform in the Universe. I WILL boycott all their videogame from now on and even WB movies like Batman V Superman. You guys disrespected millions of PC gamers with this stunt! Say what you will about EA but all their PC games at least run great on my Gaming rig.

Skate-AK1272d ago

Be mad at WB and Iron Galaxy. Rocksteady worked on the console versions. The people that did Killer Instinct's second season ported Arkham Knight to PC.

Maxor1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Stop being a drama queen. Arkham games have always played like crap at launch, this is nothing new. Give it a few weeks then it'll run like butter. Just like all of the other Batman games did after a few patches.

You would think that after Destiny, AC Unity, Bloodborne, Drive Club and BF4 gamers should know better. But nope, lets preorder those AAA titles and play them on day 1!

Sarah_Ch1272d ago

Is the season pass worth it? I'm ok with the price but have no idea what it comes with even the details says they will deliver regular new content for 6 months without explanation what exactly is it! Any idea?

Skate-AK1272d ago

Challenge Rooms, Skins and Batmobile races. That is all I know of.

poppinslops1272d ago

Pretty sure it's Batgirl's prequel story, plus a bunch of skins and challenge maps... Gamestop (or EB Games) has an exclusive Red Hood story dlc, whilst PS4 got a bunch of Scarecrow's Nightmares.

There's also a collectors edition, which probably has it's own batch of dlc packs, but I'm not sure... I remember it being quite expensive.

I suppose if you pre-ordered the PS4 Collectors' Edition from Gamestop, you'd have most of the content... assuming it comes with a season-pass.

optimus1272d ago

They can also add a whole new sidequest like they did with harley's was pretty cool but too short. I think if they do something similar it will be a little longer this time.

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