Is Feminism Affecting FIFA? – Discussing EA’s Motives Behind Including Female Players In FIFA 16

Taking a closer look at EA's motives behind including female players in FIFA 16 following their E3 presentation

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Nonscpo1000d ago

Nope! The biggest factor is the Women's World Cup taking place this year. Not to mention it would be a bad move to try to appease them, as if EA fails to make this a yearly thing, they'll squander whatever good PR this would have made for them. Consistency is what everybody should have their eye's on, consistency!

EchoFyre1000d ago

EA can maintain consistency by having the 12 International teams each year going forward, but arguably that would damage the good PR. Realistically to avoid this turning into a negative they need to expand their women's team offering year on year...we may even see a dedicated FIFA title for women's teams/leagues etc in the future, who knows.

1000d ago
MrsNesbitt998d ago

I agree with top comment. Massive push with women's football this year but it's not being done in the right way!

GamerGabs998d ago

I get the idea that they might have been hesitant in the past to spend time on the creation of female models and teams because they are unsure of how much of a market there is for it. I'm aware of the huge amount of women that play/watch football but perhaps EA felt that this didn't transition to their games. Ultimatly everything that games companies do is in an attempt to get their games to sell, so does the reason behind it really matter too much?

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