Eternal Darkness: The Best Game to Emerge from the 2000’s

There have been many video games released in the first decade of the Y2K that have left a lasting impression on the gamer world. However spectacular, ground-breaking, and riveting such games have been- none have ever done it quite like Silicon Knights’ “Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem”.

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Neonridr1267d ago

I really wish Nintendo would just get on a sequel already. Fans have been clamouring for it for so long. They keep renewing the license for the name..

I even wanted the crowdfunded spiritual successor to happen, even if it had Dyack involved.

I love me some Eternal Darkness.

Xavior_Reigns1266d ago

This was a Gamecube masterpiece and that early bathtub scene can burn in hell. It was such a wicked experience, I don't recall how many times I played through it but it was a lot. I'd love for this IP to be revisited by Nintendo soon.

Hoffmann1266d ago

The best game to emerge from the 2000's?

Where is ze love for No One Lives Forever, Jak & Daxter and BurnOut? :-)

1266d ago