Batman: Arkham Knight – 10 Subtle Details You Missed In The Opening Scene

While many rushed excitedly through Batman: Arkham Knight's first scene, if you stop for a moment to look around, there's a lot to see.

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OhMyGandhi901d ago

that is the result of playing the game on PC.

Xb1ps4901d ago

Oh man.... That's horrible! I've been hearing a lot of issues with the PC port, although I don't have a gaming PC I'm glad I got it in xb1.. I hope they fix that soon for you guys!

crazychris4124902d ago

Nice try twinfinite but im not giving you 10 more clicks.

901d ago
Greyfoxdbz901d ago

1 more thing that you missed. The first person the officer sees when entering the diner is a Rocksteady developer. I'm quite sure it is anyway