Rocksteady Should Remaster Previous Batman Arkham Games For Sony PS4 And Microsoft Xbox One

Batman: Arkham Knight is releasing on June 23, but players would be more than excited to revisit previous titles on the PS4 and Xbox One, should Rocksteady Games ever remaster them

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Abash1187d ago

I thought it was leaked out that they are doing that...

mikeslemonade1187d ago

Rocksteady Shouldn't Remaster Previous Batman Arkham Games For Sony PS4 And Microsoft Xbox One

Flipfito1187d ago

A lot of us haven't played any of the batman games.

Mikefizzled1187d ago

They released on all platforms? Should we really encourage a great developer like Rocksteady to remaster a games that are max 6 years old? I don't want them to remaster them but instead get someone like WB Montreal to do it. Leave Rocksteady to make great games.

-Foxtrot1187d ago

ONLY IF...all three of them are in one collection.

MrSwankSinatra1187d ago

Well you're going to be disappointed because they're only remastering Asylum and City.


-Foxtrot1187d ago

Not really because at the end of the day I'll end up saving my money and they would have lost a potential sale.

No need why all three of them can't be remastered

MrSwankSinatra1187d ago

@-Foxtrot If they were to remaster all three then that would mean they have to go back a fix origins, which is still broken in certain parts. They obviously don't want to do that since WB chose making DLC over patching the original game.

BDSE1187d ago

Origin's is terrible, save the money and man power in my view.

-Foxtrot1187d ago

It's not the best game but it's still better value for money if you are a Batman fan

The best thing they could have done is to say origins wasn't cannon to their games.

I mean after playing it I don't really think this is how Rocksteady would have done the origin stories.

Giving the Joker a backstory and an origin instead of the mysterious figure he is...didn't like that one bit

BDSE1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

@foxtrot Origins is terrible, I couldn't even finish it because it was so poor. Not only is the game broken but you can tell which parts of the map were not designed by Rocksteady on account of how utterly devoid of character or interest they were but that's just a symptom of the poor game design in general.

The game mechanics, particularly the combat, was also terrible, the story boring as well.

I just felt like posting the game developers a Tupperware full of my vomit with the word "FEEDBACK" in marker pen written on the lid.

deadpoolio3161187d ago

Origins is FAR from terrible...The story in it is worlds better than the really meh story in Arkham City....

Gameplay may have not taken any chances but who cares, its an Arkham game not developed by Rocksteady that IS CANNON...WB isn't going to have a developer take chances and try to innovate gameplay...

yarbie10001187d ago

No, just need Rocksteady to sign off and agree to let the games be BC on XBO. Problem solved

TheGreatGamer1187d ago

It really is that simple, still got the previous 3 batman games for 360 so hope they approve them for bc

BDSE1187d ago

Like they'll do that when they can resell you them.

LAWSON721187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Well the beauty of Xbone now is BC, can't wait until the games start coming

GearSkiN1187d ago

I'll wait till I can play it on Xbox one backwards compatible

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