HoloLens looks incredible, but we hope it won't cost this much

With a release date not quite confirmed in ink yet for the HoloLens it's quite difficult to estimate what the price tag for this device is going to stand at, although we fully expect to be looking somewhere in the £300 - £600 region, possibly feeling quite comfortable pushing our wallets to the £1000 given the absolutely amazing Minecraft demo we witnessed as a part of Microsoft's E3 presentation. have just recently listed the Microsoft HoloLens on their website and although it is quite clearly displayed as 'TBC' using the integrated HotUKDeals share button revealed somewhat of a surprise"

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tinynuggins1275d ago

Base model $1299 premium model $1499
This tech will be very expensive

Zeref1275d ago

Lol are you insane? It wont cost that much. If its above $500 id be surprised.

Naga1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

People need to remember that it's a self-contained, wearable computer - not just a peripheral. You should probably brace yourself for it to be priced accordingly.

uptownsoul1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )


A Microsoft executive already said that HoloLens would cost "significantly more than a game console"…So a $500 price tag would only make it $100-$150 more than a console…I don't think that would qualify as "significantly more than a game console"

Source: http://www.businessinsider.... - Paragraph 2, Sentence 1


I agree with you about all the possibilities of the device. But as far as primarily/exclusively using HoloLens as a gaming device/peripheral, not at these rumored prices

donthate1275d ago

This is all custom made and with a lot of research from MS R&D. This means that the cost isn't as high, because it isn't licensed and the investment return can be amortized over time.

I think most definitely less than $1000.

Blurmobjet1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

This is what I was worried about with Microsoft investing so much in the Hololens. While clearly a far more interesting and amazing technology to me than VR, I don't think the market and/or the economy are quite ready for it to become mainstream yet.

Sure there will be a percentage of ppl with the finances to buy into it, but if this price is to be believed (and I hope it isn't), we are talking about a peripheral that cost just as much as a decent gaming rig and several times as much as a console.

Be it pricing or technology, it took VR nearly 20 years to be ready for mainstream.

I sure hope Microsoft prove me wrong tho cuz I would sure love to get my hands on one of these!

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MasterCornholio1275d ago

No way is it going to be that expensive.

I'm predicting 600$-800$ for the device. Fits perfectly with what Microsoft said about the price.

styferion1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

that's because it's basically a highly portable PC with AR capabilities, not just a console gimmicks.. it'll be significantly more useful at the hands of scientists/engineers, not as a game accesories.

Davi1231275d ago

Where you have read that Hololens are a highly portable PC?! Just seeing Hololens, everyone can see that isn't possible! Only hardware for tablet or smartphones fit in Hololens!

3-4-51275d ago

* I could see businesses using this for presentations more than I can see it used for gaming.

Spenok1274d ago

This is my interpretation of it as well. Maybe for business that do forms of maintenance as well. Like they showed with the plumbing demo originally. That way they can send rookie mechanics out, and if they need help, they can just call a more experienced tech to help them with the problem.

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Spenok1274d ago

I don't think it will be quite that much, but I also wouldn't put it at a super cheap price range either. A 450-750 price wouldn't surprise me. As Naga puts it, it's a self contained, wearable computer. It won't be cheap.

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Codewow1275d ago

Microsoft states somewhere that it would not be a consumer friendly price, so it will probably be within the $800-$1400 range.

Godmars2901275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

That's not a consumer friendly price. Not for something that's going to need high end PC besides.

Hell, that's more than some high end PCs.

Nevermind. Apparently Google Glass is $2. Not that you don't see them around.

RiseofScorpio1275d ago

Hololens is its own computer, it needs no PC to run its not a peripheral.

Godmars2901275d ago

Except MS is presenting the notion, allowing such to exist, that it can be made into a peripheral for the XB0. Even if it might cost four times as much.

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slate911275d ago

Wrong, it wont need a pc. It is its own. Hence the price point.

Godmars2901274d ago

Again, chief concern is that it seems that when MS mentions Halolens, they mention the XB0. They mention games. Put one besides the other as if directly playable/useable with each other, when the likely reality is that any interaction with them will be no more than a gimmick.

And we're talking about something that could cost $800.

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Gamers are cheap (not in a bad way, but we are). People need to realize that this is NOT a gaming peripheral, its basically a wearable computer. I do not see this being below the $500 mark. Although gamers will be able to use is not strictly for us.

jmc88881275d ago

Yeah if it costs that much AND yet it still has FOV issues.... it won't fly.

Seriously, if it costs say $1000 and they went cheap on the FOV...they might as well have made it more expensive to do it right.

Though in any case, anything that high of price, simply won't catch on in a $7 an hour Wal*Mart worker world dominated by fraudsters on Wall Street/City of London.

Zeref1275d ago

The FOV is not a problem for other applications. You guys are only seeing this as a gaming device. Which it's not.

uptownsoul1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Of course they're only looking at the gaming applications of the device, this is a gaming website. I mean it may have (and probably does have) architectural applications, blueprint applications, even surgical applications, etc. But on a gaming website every device will be looked at & judged on the value of its gaming capabilities


That E3 demo was amazing! On Board GPU, CPU, HPU, RAM, 2 Kinect Sensors and being wireless, you can bet your A$$ this thing will be somewhere in between $500-$800!

This isn't a VR Headset with just a high res screen, Motion tracking sensor and big chord hanging off of it, Hololens will cost more

MasterCornholio1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Wait so you need 2 Kinects to use it?



Edit: Or you mean the device has 2 Kinect sensors?

Dark_matter1275d ago

The device uses kinect sensor technology but yeah it's like having 2 kinects on your head.

SteamPowered1275d ago

Pretty unlikely someone will pay 2-3X what the console is worth to play minecraft in AR.
I truly expected AR to come in quite a bit cheaper than VR. But if projected prices are to be believed, AR will cost almost double than mainstream VR headsets.

Utalkin2me1274d ago

Well the demo they showed you couldnt even play Minecraft, you could only assist and look.

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