Holy Framerates, Batman: Arkham Knight Is A Mess


There was no pre-release PC code for Batman: Arkham Knight so I started the crusade through another long Halloween early this morning to bring you a full judgement as soon as possible. As I loaded the game, I spotted the “mostly negative” regarding Steam reviews and resolved to pay close attention to any stuttering, glitches or other technical issues. Close attention wasn’t necessary.

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Eonjay1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

I read an earlier report Naming Nvidia as the culprit here but it seems like a bad port period. Then again, I just saw a video where it was running fine on PC. Does anyone know what exactly is causing the issues and on what cards?

Edit: Checked out the neogaf thread and there is a lot of info there. AMD has released an updated driver and that should boost performance. Minimum specs are AMD 7950.

3-4-51184d ago

I was really wowed with Arkham City when I first played it, but got bored after like 10 hours.

* For some reason, I've tried to get back into this series, but it's just so boring and bland to me..........and I like Batman.

It's too....."samey"

Bimkoblerutso1184d ago

Probably an unpopular opinion (because most people jizz their pants anytime they hear the phrase "open world" attached to any game nowadays), but I have always liked Asylum the most of any of them due to how dense and tightly designed it was.

I still loved Arkham City, but there were times I was buzzing around the city that I felt the size was needlessly inflated to give the game the illusion of being "epic." I feel that way about a lot of open world games, actually.

MysticStrummer1184d ago

I enjoyed Arkham Asylum but couldn't get into the next one, so I know what you mean. I may play this eventually but it will be after the price drops.

Ark_1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

A german pc magazin showed that it's happening on AMD and NVIDIA; also not dependent on scenes, that would be specifically demanding. Just drops more or less randomly. It's not so noticable on strong hardware, when it drops from 90fps to 50 fps, but very noticable on midrange and on lowrange hardware almost unplayable.

So nobody really knows what causing the issues yet.
( ... as far as I know at least.)

gninja921183d ago

Devuon DRM (i spell that right, its the uncrackable pc thingy).
on some steam reviews people said that was the reasona s it is known to cause issues in other games particularly in Witcher 3, but not nearly as bad as this game has it,

Forn1184d ago

Funny to have the console versions running better than PC. Master race indeed.

kbozz711184d ago

So the the developer releases a shitty port and it's the pc gamer's fault? I guess the console fanboy crowd has to get their kicks in whenever they can though.

Godz Kastro1184d ago


This is what scares me about PC. I just want to pop a game in and have it work without the need to update drivers and what not.

Im currently building one but i dont want to go through this stuff.

kbozz711184d ago

@Godz Kastro
Well, if you're going the nVidia route, the drivers will notify you of updates. AMD may as well, but not sure. There will always be some tinkering with pc settings, but you can usually just let the game auto detect the best settings and be just fine. I game on both pc and console now, just depends on the game.

curtis921184d ago

Of course not, but it IS a thing that consoles get optimizes almost 100% of the time, whereas games are hit and miss with PC.

Rimeskeem1184d ago

The PC master race is supposedly having the games run better meaning at a higher frame rate and all that but that doesn't seem like the case with this game.

hangdang1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

@godz: do you know how easy updating drivers is? It doesn't sound like it. It really couldn't be more simple than it is. You click update drivers and click next a few times and then it's done. Its as simple as a system update on consoles

uth111184d ago

@Rimeskeem - yes the games usually run at a higher framerate and maybe higher graphics, but the overall experience of gaming on a PC is much worse, with frequent broken PC ports (you see articles about problems with virtually every AAA release), malware, the Gameworks debacle, forced upgrades to run games, etc, etc, etc.

After awhile you stop caring whether you are getting the best graphics possible, you just want your games to work without spending hours browsing forums for possible fixes, that's why a lot of use have moved to consoles for gaming.

Bimkoblerutso1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )


I really don't see how that is relevant. You would have to be delusional to deny that there is MUCH better hardware available for PC's than what is being used in current consoles. If a particular game is not capable of running better on PC's at this point, it is 100% the fault of developers for not porting the game properly. There is undeniably faster hardware available for PC's.

And this is coming from a guy who does not own a gaming PC. This console vs. PC crap pisses me off so much.

kayoss1184d ago

@Kbozz, I thought this game was developed on the PC, was it not?

deadpoolio3161184d ago

Get their kicks in LMAO....Its not the console gamers that feel the need to go on about how amazing their consoles are on EVERY article about ANYTHING...

Its the loser PC gamers with small peckers that have to make themselves feel better by going in every article to go on about how they spent so much on their PC and its so amazing that they can get 999999999k resolution and 34423543639fps and console gamers are just cheap poor losers....

Hate to break it to the PC losers, but I dont seem to have any problems EVER turning on my console and starting my game, no 45mins of screwing around with settings first or the chance of constant crashes....I get to just start my console version and play.....

JamesBroski1184d ago

I'm sorry, I love PC gaming but it is seriously becoming a big issue. Some games are almost unplayable on PC and in the end you may have a smoother experience on consoles.

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ThichQuangDuck1184d ago

It was outsourced. Why are you happy that PC Gamers got a bad port? They paid 60$ just like you did. Gaming fanboys are ridiculous now

1184d ago
kbozz711184d ago

@ iwitcher,
What do pirates have to do with this? The people who paid for this got a shit port and they paid just as much as the console crowd. If they were so worried about pirating then why release the game on pc? That's no excuse for the junk they sold to pc gamers.

ThichQuangDuck1184d ago


So because some will pirate the game all that do buy the game do deserve a bad port for their 60$ and hours of work? Your logic is flawed

MysticStrummer1184d ago

@kbozz - If pirating wasn't such a problem, PC ports might not be outsourced quite so often. Just a thought.

ThichQuangDuck1184d ago


You are seriously making excuses for a broken game on release. That many paid 60$ for and worked hard for since some pirate the game? If shoplifting wasn't such a problem then there would be no season passes and preorder dlc. See how stupid that logic looks.

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kraenk121184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Actually funny the butthurt console gamers crawl out of their caves the moment a PC port is badly optimised, especially when it's the other way around the rest of the year.

Forn1184d ago

I only posted that for the PC fanboys. I agree that a bad port is an awful thing and hope it gets fixed soon for anyone experiencing issues.

gninja921183d ago

we will recover you see.

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OhMyGandhi1184d ago

Piss poor frame rates, pop in, audio glitches, oh...and this:

a small video I captured of the first few minutes into the game. Weird polygonal shapes, missing faces, textures floating everywhere, floor missing, music and sound effects accompanied by buzzing and stuttering, and rain clipping through interiors...Other then that, it's perfect.

InTheLab1184d ago

Man that's a shame. I just hopped off the Steam page and the reviews were mostly negative thanks to the technical issues. Been playing City all morning on PC and was looking forward to testing out my new (don't laugh at me, my wife bought it and it's freaking cool) Mac.

aquamala1184d ago

wait a week for patches guys, don't like it? Steam gives you full refund

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