Was Project CARS 2 revealed far too early?

Dealspwn: "Project CARS is barely even seven weeks old, but Slightly Mad Studios has now proudly announced the sequel. Seeking more capital via their WMD crowd-funding portal, Project CARS 2 promises a huge track roster, loose surface modelling, a huge variety of disciplines and more.

The reaction has been... shall we say mixed?

Some fans are up in arms about the sequel being announced so soon after the original, blaming Slightly Mad of putting greed before supporting their player base, while others call for calm and urge their peers to remember how game development actually works. Let's take a look and see whether we're talking about a cash-grab or something less sinister."

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Neonridr1005d ago

Well if they are already working on the sequel, does that mean the first title will still see work added to it via patches and DLC? Or are they going to just drop everything to start working on the sequel?

And now that they are working on the sequel, I guess that means there is nobody left to try to get the Wii U version they promised from the start up and running..

bggriffiths1005d ago

I'd imagine the core bass of the staff will be working on the new one.

Thantalas1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

For the first game they were unproven and needed the money to fund the game. But now Project Cars has been released they should use the profits from that to fund a sequel sequel.

Kickstarter is great for funding projects that otherwise wouldn't happen. It shouldn't be used as a means for publishers to keep a bigger share of the profits.

cfc781005d ago

I think Project Cars 2 suicide edition would be confirmed next if they dropped support on the first game after only 2 months and though the announcement in my opinion has come way to soon I do like the changes they've made.

jmc88881005d ago

They stated they were going to have a DX12 patch for the game, so I hope this doesn't screw that up.

Eonjay1005d ago

I would say they seem really eager.

FlexLuger1005d ago

Yes. Too soon to reveal it. I just bought the game on PC last month. I might buy DLC for it. But Im not putting money into their kickstarter..paying for the sequel at retail and then buying DLc again. Not with FM6 just around the corner and GT probably due a E3 2016 reveal.

This was a mistake to announce it so early. They haven't even finished the WiiU version.

Blues Cowboy1005d ago

I have to agree. Even though they're basically doing what every company does, but just told people they're doing it, it doesn't feel very classy at all. Especially as you say given the state of the Wii U version.

_-EDMIX-_1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

I don't agree with this whole "too soon".

They need funding, they sorta don't have a lot of options. I feel its very much ok for them to announce they are working on a sequel as most teams start work on any sequels even before the current titles are done.

In terms of post production, concept, story etc. I don't see this as some mistake as I don't think knowing it exist will some how hurt it. At this point, with them needing funding, it can only help.

jmc88881005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

Their game just released. They have funding, unless they suddenly blew through all the funds from pre-orders and 1st month or so sales in of course the last month or so.

In other words, they should be FLUSH with cash.

But there's still work to do...DX12 patch, ATI issues, Force feedback issues, the Wii U version....

So yeah, seems like they have quite a bit to do on the 1st one, and while it's definitely possible they do all this and work on the 2nd one at the same, it seemed like bad timing from an announcement perspective. Because many devs have used announcement of a new game to stop all work on previous versions. People are rightfully worried based on past precedent that such an announcement might mean the same thing for people who bought and still having issues with Project Cars I.

Overall it might be an issue or it might not be. If they drop support for the 1st one without finishing this and many some other's really bad, and many people would choose not to buy the 2nd one. If they want this to work, they need to make sure the people who bought the 1st one are sufficiently satisfied.

It won't be an issue if they keep supporting the 1st one and finish these things, and then release the 2nd one in two or so years. But right now, they should explain themselves a bit further, like detail what is going on with these finishing touches with Project Cars I.

ElVeneno1005d ago

Can someone explain to me how these people have the nerve to ask for more money? The first game got funded, they used the money for it's R&D which means they already have a game engine and many assets in place, they're simply making more of it which saves more development time. They released it and made money off the retail. Now they're pocketing that money and asking for more so that they can stop supporting the first game and work on another? How does that make their early adopters/backers feel? Do they not put themselves in the consumers shoes?!? This is clearly a money grab and people should show it by not supporting this type of business practice.

Unreal011005d ago

Na screw that, I'm totally looking forward to a Project Cars 2.

wakeNbake1005d ago

Its not just that its too soon, they still havent expanded upon the original, are asking for an astronimical kickstarter fund after being reasonably successful with the first, and it seems there wont be a WiiU version after all.

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