The Last Guardian's Long Journey: An Interview With Fumito Ueda


Gamers have been anxiously awaiting The Last Guardian since it debuted at E3 in 2009, and for creator Fumito Ueda and the developers at Team Ico, it's been strenuous and not without its doubts. We talked with Ueda about the whole saga, how the game has remained intact in the transition, and the light at the end of the tunnel.

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TWB1148d ago

I dont think he flat out means "it was Sonys fault" but rather that Sony decided to stop wasting everyones funds and time in the development and restart when the PS4 dev kit became available making the progress much easier.

I also feel that this isnt going to "nuke'm forever" because as he said in the interview, the vision has stayed intact all this time and they had mostly technical issues.

3D realms fked up with Forever by switching the engine mid development like 3 times and starting some design and development several times over until it got into the final state in the hands of Gearbox. They were obsessed with perfection and Gearbox was trying to salvage the whole mess as quickly as possible.