Atlus Considering a ‘Persona 3 Dancing’ Game if Persona 4: Dancing All Night Sells Well

During the Persona 4: Dancing All Night launch stream which ended earlier today, the producer and director of the upcoming rhythm game addressed the potential for a “Persona 3: Dancing All Night.”

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Spurg1031d ago

How bout a game that at least appeals to the rpg fans....u know that something that made the series.

novurdim1031d ago

you don't have enough smt/persona rpgs?

vergilxx31031d ago

Like Persona 3 Fes golden

yuukiliu1031d ago

Gonna pick this up tomorrow if I can get to the store before it closes.

Protagonist1031d ago

I´d like a P3 Dancing Game.

HentaiMasterRace1031d ago

How about a Persona 3 Golden or something first?

DualWielding1030d ago

I want the ability to play the Answer with a manually controlled party