Amazon's new Batman: Arkham Knight Xbox One bundle deal is insanely cheap

Dealspwn reports: "If you're in the market for Batman: Arkham Knight and an Xbox One to play it on, Amazon UK are currently running an incredible voucher code deal. You'll get an Xbox One console and one of this summer's hottest games with change for £250!"

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bggriffiths1121d ago

Jeez, exactly what are they gonna discount these consoles down to at Xmas if they're this cheap now!

Blues Cowboy1121d ago

If anything I think prices will go up, especially for Xbox One due to their Christmas lineup. Think a lot of retailers are aggressively selling 500GB stock too.

Christopher1121d ago

I said it last week, but with all these huge deals with the XBO, they should just cut the price down to $300, no free games, and just keep it there. They would win every NPD month for this year until Sony follows suit.

I mean, honestly, they're selling things at a price that I question how much of a profit they're making considering the fees they have to give to the publishers for the game sales.

curtis921121d ago

I think people expect to get at least one free game with a console these days. $350 + a game is better than $300 + $60 game.

Magicite1121d ago

I think u will be able to get bundle with console and games for under 300$ for sure and even less at black friday.

xDHAV0K24x1121d ago

gotta get rid of those 500gb's!!!

Blues Cowboy1121d ago

Yeah, reckon that's the plan.

XanderZane1121d ago

True. the 1TB XB1 they will release during the holidays will replace the 500GB ones. That will become the standard in 2016. I'm sure they will have lots of bundles this holiday season.

gfk3421121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Why you want to get rid of 500 GB console when you can attach an external HDD go X1 that is better in every way than the internal HDD.

Think of an external ssd that you vpcan hook it to X1.

There is practically no reason to upgrade your X1.

hello121121d ago

250 pounds is 390 dollars guys.

They sell in the US at 350

hangdang1121d ago

That's why New Hampshire is awesome. No sales tax

Christopher1121d ago

That's still insanely cheap for them. Take out 17.5% for VAT and it's cheaper than the US.

FYIIR1121d ago

yeah gotta get the 500gbs off the shelf.. now it's time for 1tb and the slim versions next year

mxguy931121d ago

Are they allowed to do that. Bundle xbox with batman since sony has marketing rights?

avengers19781121d ago

I think that's a good question, but if they did anything illegal I'm sure high powered attorneys will be there to settle things.

GusBricker1121d ago

They're probably physical copies of the games, so its not officially a batman bundle.

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