Atomic Gamer Preview: Project Origin

Jeff Buckland reports:

''F.E.A.R. was a great game, but it had a couple of key flaws that held it back from greatness. Monolith is working on a new game called Project Origin, which exists because of a bizarre twist in Monolith's split from publisher Sierra/Vivendi. Sierra got to keep the name F.E.A.R., while Monolith got to keep the story and characters from their game and asked the community to create the name for the new project. For some reason, out of a bunch of great choices, Monolith picked the rather bland name Project Origin. But from my time spent at E3, the game is anything but boring.

I enjoyed F.E.A.R. quite a bit, but I had two major issues with it. One, the level design was horrible, with one basement after warehouse after office complex after another. Two, the horror elements were great, but for almost the whole game, none of the scary stuff could actually kill you. You'd take on these tough commandos with Matrix-like abilities to slow down time and powerful weapons to take out pretty much anything in your way, but then the action would die down, it got very formulaic. Your HUD would flicker and you knew a scary part was coming - a few of those moments were really damn scary, but for the most part you'd get some predictable glances at Alma, the girl that's causing all the craziness in the game world. Only once the horror part was over and you moved away from it would another fight would start up. Even though I felt like F.E.A.R. had much more potential and better fights, I preferred playing their other horror action game, Condemned, simply because you had to actually fight the scary things instead of just having them go "boo!" and fade away.''

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rogimusprime3793d ago

''F.E.A.R. was a great game, but it had a couple of key flaws that held it back from greatness"

So we have a 'great' game that failed to achieve 'greatness' ?