Bungie Scrambling to Fix the Growing Destiny: TTK Controversy

Bungie isn't doing too hot lately when it comes to PR and its upcoming Destiny expansion, The Taken King. There may be something on the way to satisfy Year One fans, but it may be too little, too late.

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GigawattConduit1246d ago

YEESH. Talk about a PR clusterhell.

DivoJones1246d ago

Yep, a fair amount of ignorance mixed in with some good ol corporate sales spin. Oh you want to have special emotes? Guess you better just re-buy everything, because value is in the eyes of the purchaser.

People do seem to enjoy throwing their money away though, and luckily Bungie is there to collect it from them.

pompombrum1246d ago

The ignorance shown by Luke Smith isn't even half of it, look at what their main community guy is like and this is when he's trying to douse the flames:

Peace_Love_and_FPS1246d ago

@aiBreeze read that this morning as well, ridiculous how they were talking down threads trying to silence the issue. OP had to repost 6 times until DeeJ responded, and he answered with that.

JohnnyBadfinger1246d ago

Well that response just killed bungie and destiny from my point of view. i am assuming the emotes they speak so highly of are additions to the already stupid dance, sit, point and wave animations... if they even consider gimmicks like that valuable they can fuck right off.

Bungie should have stuck with halo and microsoft. well to be honeslt most of their talent stuck with microsoft and now the company is run by the adopted children of bungies fathers wearing daddys shoes.

trading destiny in seems like a highly appropriate response for most of us.

idlet1246d ago

Ouch. That interview made me wince with awkward

Eromu1246d ago

The guy seems like a dick.

rdgneoz31246d ago

Yah, value my a$$. Basically giving the middle finger to fans who bought Destiny and it's season pass / DLC.

cell9891246d ago

the only value I see from this is Activision getting money twice for the same exact product. I will not buy TTK until I see some redemption from all of this.

This really goes to show the mindset at Bungie and activision when it come to the game. Give 0 free and ask to get paid twice.

Bungie sold their souls to activision, theres a reason the original writer of the story left

metalmatters1246d ago

Its what I've been saying all along. Bungie cant see past their own ego, they refuse to admit they screwed up and instead they create excuses

Perjoss1246d ago

He used to be some random podcast guy (1up Show) I have no idea how he ended up being a PR guy for Bungie. PR might not be his official job title but he sure seems to be doing a lot of 'public relations' work (very badly) recently.

JeffGUNZ1246d ago

I don't care if my guy dances the YMCA. Unless I hit the left arrow on my d-pad and my guardian pays my mortgage, I am not dropping 80 bucks for a dance party.

lemoncake1246d ago

That's what 500 mill does.

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The story is too old to be commented.