God Eater Resurrection announced

The title is an updated version of PSP’s God Eater Burst with enhanced graphics and event scenes reconfigured to match the latest hardware. It will also include a new story that follows God Eater 2.

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nidhogg902d ago

So uhh Namco, can we uhh get a localized version OF ATLEAST ONE OF YOUR RECENT GODEATER GAMES GOOOODDDAMMIT!

Whirlwind_Fanfare_08902d ago

I feel your pain! i want this to be localized as well.

q8kik902d ago

Namco wtf.............Give us something.

Nonscpo902d ago

In all fairness they have localized a ton of games over here, except for this one :(

q8kik902d ago

Yea but this game from what i have heard is a really good outselling Zelda in Japan good!

It's a shame really.

stavrami902d ago

God eater rage burst has been registered in Europe. but a confirmation would be nice Namco so pull out that finger

Viryu902d ago

Uhh... when did God Eater 2 land in Europe? They've already announced another one as a sequel to it, so something's not right.

stavrami902d ago

Not released. They trademarked the name which is obviously a good sign but without confirmation it's not 100%

Nonscpo902d ago

At this point most people will watch the anime before playing this game :(