FIFA 16 Six Major Improvements

Yay, FIFA 16 will be hitting the stores soon enough. And that’s not even the whole good part. FIFA 16 is a major improvement over FIFA 15. They have added tons of improvement and fixed a bunch of bugs and problems. It’s not FIFA 16, it’s Fixed a 16.

EA promised a balanced game and it looks like they created one. They have added a lot of new mechanisms in all parts of the game like in defending, goalkeeping, dribbling and others.

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Smitty20201240d ago

All I want is a 2 player offline career mode

iistuii1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Yeah good point. What we do is one of us chooses a team & does a season with the other person taking control of every opposition team, we do that then the other person picks a team & does a season, & that way we don't have to sit out a game while one of us plays the AI. But if we could have a 2 player career mode that would be even better. Id also like an online coop season.

CharchitDahal1239d ago

IF you buy the game paying 59$, you ought to try all the features. (just an opinion)

Linwelin1240d ago

They had better do something with career mode this time!