Fatal Frame may be digital only in the US

Fatal Frame is finally coming back to the west this fall but a new listing on the eShop hints that it will be digital only and not release at retail.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Will still get it even if that's the case.
It's not a game serious horror game lovers should be skipping over so trivial a detail.

pcz1126d ago

*the sound of a nail being hammered* ... nintendo should be in the Guinness record book for amount of nails hammered into a coffin.

wonderfulmonkeyman1126d ago

Nice try, but I'm not hungry enough to take that bait.
My bubbles are staying right where they are, so go troll someone dumb enough to be provoked.
Go on, shoo!

Neonridr1126d ago

like the sound of your bubbles popping pcz?

pcz1126d ago

dont get mad at me because you blew hundreds of pounds on a rubbish console that has been abandoned by its maker and the last few games it does have going for it wont even get a hard copy lol

but hey, you will 'get it even if that's the case,' in effect sending the message to nintendo that its ok, its alright to invest in a console only to be shafted a mere 2-3 years down the line and 'make do' with whatever they release.


the number of bubbles a user has doesnt reflect the quality or validity of their responses. neither do i take into consideration how what i say will effect my bubble count, like i suspect you do. meaning you say what people want to hear, not the truth. i say the truth.

im sorry to say, but this digital only news for fatal frame, IS another nail in the wiius coffin. if that costs me a bubble to point out, so be it. doesnt discount the fact that it is still true and needs to be acknowledged.

jcnba281126d ago

Please tell me how Fatal Frame being digital only in the US is another nail in the coffin for Wii U? So your saying any new title that comes to Wii U that is digital only is another nail in the coffin? Your not making any sense like usual.

Look at games like shovelknight, journey, flower that were digital only, was that a nail in Sony's coffin?

It's not a big deal at all.

wonderfulmonkeyman1125d ago

Again, go after someone dumb enough to take the bait.
Maybe you'll have a few more bubbles when you've grown up enough to stop trolling.

marloc_x1125d ago

Quite happy with my Wii U and yet another stellar game headed for my 2TB drive :)

Loadedklip1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

I rather have retail copy but a digital copy is better than no copy so I will get it regardless.

I understand Nintendo is risk averse when it comes to games they feel won't sell well so it's understandable even if I don't like it personally.

_-EDMIX-_1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

Man looks like Nintendo is not even spending money on a retail release...sounds like they are planning an exit out of the gaming industry. I bet Zelda wasn't at E3 because its already canned. /s

Swings rope, throws up large net....waits. lol. jk, jk

On topic. I'm quite ok with this as Nintendo knows Fatal Frame doesn't do huge numbers and a digital release makes sense. Its way better then nothing...

Folks are crying about this and not factoring you could be getting nothing at all. We are out here waiting for Yakuza 5 to come to PSN and as a fan of the series...I damn happy ,regardless! Do I prefer disk?? Hell yes, but we only got a digital option of a game series that has many that have never seen a western release.

Fatal Frame fans should legit not care, this is great news that its coming to the west because Fatal Frame IV never did. Beggers can't be choosers in this regard.

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recto851126d ago

No god, please No! Let ppl choose for themselves if they want to buy a copy or rent digital sh*t. Next console I will buy DIRECTLY from Japan if they come with same idea in Europe.

mrbojingles1126d ago

I understand being iffy on Nintendo's account system but "rent"? They let us import our Wii Shop and DSi Shop purchases to Wii U and 3DS despite those older system's archaic online systems. I'm sure NX will, the console version at least, let you play your digital Wii U games somehow. Nintendo did say their next system will "absorb" the Wii U's architechure so I wouldn't fear being only able to play digital Wii U games on an actual Wii U if that's what you're talking about. I mean, Nintendo didn't HAVE to let us transfer Wii to Wii U content and it was a mess doing so but they pulled it off. I imagine they'll do it again with NX, whether its PowerPC, ARM or x86.

wonderfulmonkeyman1126d ago

Do you have a source article for that statement about the NX absorbing the Wii U's architecture?
It sounds like an article that would have a lot of useful info...

mrbojingles1126d ago

Yes, I do.


Satoru Iwata said this in early 2014:

"In this perspective, while we are only going to be able to start this with the next system, it will become important for us to accurately take advantage of what we have done with the Wii U architecture. It of course does not mean that we are going to use exactly the same architecture as Wii U, but we are going to create a system that can absorb the Wii U architecture adequately. When this happens, home consoles and handheld devices will no longer be completely different, and they will become like brothers in a family of systems."

Neonridr1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

I am thankful enough Nintendo is releasing this in the West, so if it happens to only be digital so be it. Here's hoping they price is accordingly since they aren't spending money on packaging and such..

mrbojingles1126d ago

They have been pricing some games lower, like Kirby. I'd be happy with $39.99

kakashi811126d ago

Exactly what they did with one piece unlimited R. I'll still get it.

PlatinumGX1125d ago

This wouldn't be a problem if downloads weren't console bound on the Wii U.

I will buy it regardless, but it's kind of dissapointing because I also like to have my physical game collection.

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