Batman Arkham Knight Graphics Comparison PC|PS4

Batman Arkham Knight released today on all major platforms after receiving excellent reviews from the majority of the major outlets.

Rocksteady studios have taken back the reigns to their beloved franchise after a brief hiatus in which Warner Bros. Games Montreal gave us Arkham Origins.

In this video, ScreenDr compares the PS4 and PC versions side by side. It's time for the Batman!

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brokenbracket1267d ago

I dunno, maybe I just have bad eyes, but I couldn't tell the difference really. Maybe in lighting, a little. Maybe a little crisper around the edges on PC.

Brotard1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

would have to see it uncompressed. Though the joker scene looks much less, glossy, on ps4

brokenbracket1266d ago

Yeah, that's like the only thing I noticed. Not sure why 9 people disagree with you lol, because it's pretty much a fact. It's pretty cool though that consoles have improved so much that it's hard to tell the difference now.

Also, not a fanboy, I love xbone, ps4 and pc. As we all should because video games are awesome, regardless of your console or pc.

Bubiii1267d ago

PS4 is the winner in this case. Sorry master race.

Stsonic1267d ago

The PC version made me feel sick with all the stuttering. It's a much smoother experience on ps4.

DevilOgreFish1267d ago

YouTube is no way to judge the PC version.

Twignberries1267d ago

You sound like an ignorant fanboy to me. Looks out of this world better in 4k

Bimkoblerutso1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I had a hard time telling a difference between even the low and high settings on PC, to tell the truth. I don't think anyone is going to feel cheated regardless of the version they get with this one.

Though I've been hearing that there are performance issues on the PC for the time being.

zsquaresoff1267d ago

Rocksteady clearly wanted the Ps4 version to shine.

Hence the review copies and pre release footage all on Ps4.

Seafort1267d ago

Or Sony did.

It seems Xbox and PC versions of the game have taken a back seat to the PS4 version with most review copies being PS4 version.

Rocksteady/WB even outsourced the PC port to a 3rd party developer to shit out the sloppy port us PC gamers are trying to play right now.

So amateurish from Rocksteady and WB Games that they can't develop the PC version in-house like they did they last 2 times. I hope all the bad press was worth the money you saved outsourcing the game Rocksteady.

deadpoolio3161267d ago

You are aware that generally PC ports get outsourced correct?

Oh and BTW Sony and MS have ZERO input on which version a publisher uses...Funny how now suddenly publishers 99.9% of the time use the PS4 version and there is some retarded tinfoil hat conspiracy, yet last gen when they used 360 99.9% of the time it was A OK nothing to see here

smalltowngamer5031267d ago

Actually i recall sony fans bitching and whining about the same things last gen. Fanboys are fanboys. Don't pretend previous gens never existed just because sony is on top right now. All you fanboys make gaming news a tough bitch to read anymore

Eonjay1267d ago

I am having trouble with low and high on PC. Its really hard to tell the difference between the two settings.

tristan5521267d ago

maybe its because of youtubes compression, but i can barely see the difference. with the requirements it has on pc the difference should be much bigger (except for the obvious difference in 1440p-4k)

TedCruzsTaint1267d ago

Leave in the fully high-res textures, add some higher grade AA, and give the option for higher resolutions.
I've seen worse, but this is still just a bog standard port. There isn't much in the way of differences to be found, considering the developer didn't care enough to put them in in the first place.

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The story is too old to be commented.