FFVII Remake: Dubbed, Subbed, or Silent?

Everyone is speculating about how the FFVII Remake is going to change from the original, but has anyone thought about the voices?

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pasta_spice1214d ago

To be fair, most of the voice actors from Advent Children have improved since that movie came out. Though of course some are still a little awkward (I'm looking at you Aerith and Cait Sith!)

Toonge1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

What about Andrea Bowen?? She did the voice for Aerith in Crisis Core...i thought that was really good :)

pasta_spice1214d ago

I totally forgot about Andrea Bowen. She was great in Crisis Core...despite some of the awkward dialogue she was given ("Not quite. Church in the slums" always makes me lol))

I'm not sure what Square's casting directors were thinking when they chose Mena Suvari (who isn't even a voice actor as far as I know) for Advent Children but I'm glad they realized their mistake and changed it. I'd hate to see her bland monotone butcher Aerith's voice again in the remake.

Yi-Long1213d ago

I want subs, with the original language. If they can't offer that with the western release, than just make sure the Japanese/Asian release has the English subs, so people like me have the choice to import it.

rainslacker1213d ago

I thought most of the voice actors were fine, but they had some bad direction in how to deliver their lines. The original cast outside of Tifa and Cloud had so few lines that were more one liners for action sequences that it's really hard to judge.

I'd prefer the game be voiced for the main part of the story. Leaving the subs option would be great for those that prefer the Japanese voices.

DevilOgreFish1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

"FFVII Remake: Dubbed, Subbed, or Silent?"

If silent is your thing, I guess you could lower the voice volume and enable subtitles. And also Just leave the sound effects and music volumes alone. That might work for you.

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MPScrimshaw1214d ago

As a person who watched a shit ton of anime in his day, I can say for certainty that in almost every instance, the japanese voices are ALWAYS better than the english ones. Subtitles are such a bitch though haha.

DarkOcelet1214d ago

DBZ beg to differ.

The Japanese VA is really annoying against the cool English VA.

Roronoa04111214d ago

I agree but DBZ is literally the only one I can think of thats like that lol.

Septic1214d ago

Yeah the Japanese voices in DBZ are terrible and that's saying something because the dubbed voices were also bad!

I usually prefer Japanese voiceovers ANY day but there are a few rare exceptions, like Cowboy Bebop.

I think Japanese voiceovers would go best with this.

Nerdmaster1213d ago

Actually, english VA in DBZ is even worse than the japanese one. I almost never choose japanese voices in games, since I like to understand what I'm hearing, and since english is not my native language I'm not as sensitive to bad VA. But DBZ english VA is so bad that the first thing I do when playing a new DBZ game is go to the options screen and change the voices to japanese.

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Man_Marmalade1214d ago

Berserk probably has the best English Dub I've ever heard in an anime.

goldwyncq1214d ago

Not always. Cowboy Bebop's english dub surpassed the original without doubt.

callumjack1214d ago

I didn't think the Advent Children voice actors were all that bad, I'd be extremely comfortable with them reprising those roles, probably with infinitely better coaching and writing and all the resources a game this important will bring

ZeroSkerbo1214d ago

Ugh the English voice acting was a hot mess in AC imo. The Japanese sounded great though, however in the context of the game I would honestly be 100% down for an all silent take similar to the original, that way they could highlight the hopefully full orchestral redone OST.

Asuka1214d ago

its going to be dubbed for western audiences. I would like the option to toggle between the original VO track with subs, and the english dub. Honestly i just want to play this game, and I am happy it is actually happening =D

Ayori1214d ago

Lets hope its dubbed with some more talented voice actors. They know its a big deal so I'm sure there will be a lot of thought going into this development. Is there a way to see if they are casting for voice actors through some kind of VA casting call?

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