Was Batman Arkham Knight on PC outsourced to Iron Galaxy?

Rocksteady Studios' highly-anticipated Batman Arkham Knight has been plagued by performance issues on PC. Many users sporting high-end builds have reported stuttering framerates, crashes and other issues which are severely hampering the experience.

It appears that the PC port of the game may have been outsourced to Killer Instinct Season Two developer Iron Galaxy.

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Jedislayer825d ago ShowReplies(2)
Raider69825d ago (Edited 825d ago )

See this is how we see the trully master development teams!If the port was made by Rocksteady im almost sure it would be in pristine condition like the console versions,but warner once more screw the PC gamers by going cheap! Most likely it will be Rocksteady fixing this shit.

Doodleburger825d ago

Arkham city on pc would like to have a word with you on that. It was delayed by rocksteady, and launched broken on DX11,which was the reason they claimed they delayed it in the first place.

CallOfDutyFan825d ago (Edited 825d ago )

But without the DX11, B:AC ran smooth like butter.

Dlacy13g825d ago

Interesting if true...and no doubt troubling if true since I think many would have liked to know that before buying.

Ezz2013825d ago

And also i would have liked to know about the damn denuvo protection before pre order

ThichQuangDuck825d ago

Delayed this long and outsourced wow

edqe825d ago

Doesn't matter - it is still Rocksteady's and WB's job to make sure the quality on top level.

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The story is too old to be commented.