Microsoft Should Have Collaborated With Nintendo for Rare Replay

Perusing the list of games you get with Rare Replay, you’ll notice some brilliant games including the Banjo-Kazooie collection, both Perfect Dark and its inferior prequel and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, but you’ll also notice some glaring omissions from the impressive list.

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Here's hoping that we may one day get a proper remaster of Goldeneye and not that cack that Activision dumped onto consoles a few years back.

Septic1033d ago


Nah it won't happen. Nintendo are still stuck in their ways regardless of their SLIGHTLY loosened approach.

Can you imagine Goldeneye with online MP? Oh man, the fun I could have with proximity mines.

oSHINSAo1033d ago

Better than online MP, can you imagine 4 player offline MP ?? there´s nothing more fun to laugh at your buddies face XD, wow i miss those days

Mr Pumblechook1033d ago

I'd have loved to see Diddy Kong Racing. But it was rumoured that Microsoft prevented Nintendo from releasing it on the Virtual Console so it be understandable that Nintendo wouldn't let MS release it either. Silly as the only people who miss out are gamers. They should come to some agreement so it can be released on both formats.

oSHINSAo1033d ago

IMO, Rare can make "MS All Star Smash Bros" they have the library of characters, and a strong one

curtis921033d ago

Yeah I'm sure Nintendo would be happy to share their properties with a competitor.

Yodagamer1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

If they put rare replay on both systems it would be great for all involved. Nintendo fans get to play old rare games that wouldn't come to the virtual console and microsoft gets games that wouldn't have come to the xbox one. Unfortunately i don't think that will ever happen :/

Khajiit861033d ago

It would be like Xbots and Ponys coexisting peacefully......... IMPOSSIBRU!!!!!!

SliceOfTruth8881033d ago

This is stupid. Clearly diddy kong racing and starfox should not be included and the only reason goldeneye is not on here is due to the Bond license. Microsoft tried to bring goldeneye to xbox and i think even finished it, but licensing issues were the problem


Yeah the article actually explains the whole Bond issue. Back then it was Activision and Nintendo that stopped MS and Rare from releasing Goldeneye HD. Activision no longer hold the Bond rights and Nintendo are a little looser then they were 7 years ago.

As for Diddy Kong Racing and Starfox Adventures, why not? Like the article say's if the games were released on both systems whats the harm?

themonado1033d ago

Even if the collection was on both systems, those two games still wouldn't be present on the Xbox One version. The reason is pretty obvious

SliceOfTruth8881033d ago

So your saying nintendo should have just been like o yeah hey put Donkey Kong fact all 3 of them on xbox that will be fine

Yodagamer1033d ago

Well the other issue was nintendo, among others, did have a say to the game. Nintendo tried to get it on the wii virtual console as well, but the same issues came up.

Dlacy13g1033d ago

LOL... WTH is up with the articles these days? There are obvious reasons those games are in the collection and no way in heck would Nintendo ever let Donkey Kong or Star Fox appear on a competitors console. That leaves Golden Eye but truth be told...there are far better shooters out to play than Golden Eye so really its not that big of a loss. Its a nostalgic game that doesn't hold up in today's shooter heavy world imo. I am not bothered by its absence.

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The story is too old to be commented.